Quirky Sailboat-Shaped Tiny Home Hides a Special Sunken Roof Deck

The Schooner is a wonderfully unique tiny home with two bedrooms and a roof deck 11 photos
Photo: Utopian Villas
The Schooner Tiny HouseThe Schooner Tiny HouseThe Schooner Tiny HouseThe Schooner Tiny HouseThe Schooner Tiny HouseThe Schooner Tiny HouseThe Schooner Tiny HouseThe Schooner Tiny HouseThe Schooner Tiny HouseThe Schooner Tiny House
If you happen to love sailing just as much as sustainable, affordable living, you'll surely be intrigued by this unusual and clever tiny house. Shaped like a boat and fitted with an observation lounge-style deck on the roof, the Schooner has a strong personality that makes it totally unique.
Schooners are a type of sailboat with multiple masts, usually two, where the mainmast is longer than the foremast, which gives it its distinctive appearance. The Schooner we're talking about here is not a boat but a home on wheels with a boat-like shape and a nautical-inspired design. It's guaranteed to stand out anywhere with its quirky shape and colorful, vibrant façade, and many more surprises await inside.

Although basically a dual-loft house on wheels, the Schooner is nothing like the typical tiny homes with this configuration. A mishmash of rustic features, bohemian décor, and nautical elements turns this into a home with personality and one that's full of life. If you're tired of the cookie-cutter designs that offer the same take on minimalism and clean aesthetics, the Schooner will feel like a breath of fresh air. It's colorful, happy, and maybe even somewhat cluttered, but certainly memorable.

The Schooner house isn't just shaped like a boat but also reflects this maritime inspiration in the unique design of its roof deck. Tiny home roof decks are typically open-plan terraces with metal handrails; in this case, the sunken design keeps this deck completely out of sight, almost hidden.

The Schooner Tiny House
Photo: Utopian Villas
It's only fully open to the sky, yet still enclosed, which makes it similar to an observation lounge. The space itself is a romantic soul's ideal lounge, beautifully adorned with bohemian-style decorative elements. What makes it so unique is the mix of privacy, thanks to the enclosed design and connection with the outdoors. Imagine admiring the starry sky every night from this cozy, inviting roof deck or enjoying your morning coffee from this elevated position – there are rare treats that few tiny homes can offer.

A sturdy iron ladder at the back of the home makes this secret rooftop oasis easily accessible. Inside, the Schooner combines an extra-cozy, homely ambiance with surprising functionality. An L-shaped kitchen and a spacious lounge are part of the open-plan ground-floor layout, together with a rustic bathroom. Two large loft bedrooms can accommodate up to four people upstairs.

Despite its vacation vibe, the Schooner is equipped from head to toe for long-term accommodation, including all the main kitchen and bathroom appliances, plus a washer/dryer unit. Its eclectic, maximalist style combines unusual colors and textures (sea-green glossy countertops) with bohemian-style fabrics in various patterns. Here and there, maritime-inspired accents add a beautiful nautical touch in line with the main design; for instance, decorative ropes like the ones adorning the bathroom mirror remind us of classic boat ropes.

The Schooner Tiny House
Photo: Utopian Villas
The Schooner's bathroom is a lesson in bohemian styling. The white shiplap walls, reminiscent of traditional beach homes, are an excellent backdrop for the eclectic décor featuring the same green countertops as the kitchen, black cabinets, and rustic décor items. The sauna-like wooden bathtub takes center stage, of course – it's one of the quirkiest additions to this colorful, tiny home. It not only matches the overall style, but it also makes perfect sense in a home designed for maximum relaxation and a carefree lifestyle.

Both the bigger and the smaller loft feature windows that keep them luminous and have enough room for small storage solutions in addition to the beds. Instead of traditional staircases, you'll find bulky ladders that are also inspired by the sailboat aesthetic – not the most comfortable choice, but this a home for free-spirited adventurers, after all.

The lounge sofa is big enough to provide additional accommodation when needed, and there's also enough space to squeeze in some shelves and drawers for those who need more storage. Overall, the Schooner boasts 200 square feet (18.5 square meters) of floor space, which isn't a lot but enough to make long-term accommodation comfortable.

The Schooner Tiny House
Photo: Utopian Villas
Owners who want to go the extra mile can even turn the Schooner into an off-grid haven, which would reflect the idea of a self-sufficient sailboat even better. The team at Utopian Villas, a luxury tiny homes builder in Wisconsin, is ready to equip each model with solar panels, a composting toilet, water tanks, and propane kitchen appliances. Pricing for the standard version starts at $97,633.

The Schooner is more than a head-turning design and a tribute to the world of sailing. Few tiny homes are as comfort-oriented as this model, with both a gorgeous roof deck and a spacious indoor lounge, as well as a lovely 60-inch bathtub that is an open invitation to daily relaxation. This boat-shaped home also offers a different take on the concept of indoor/outdoor living, and it encourages owners to express their personalities fully, even when it comes to downsizing.
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