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The Cecilia tiny house is compact but filled with beautiful craftsmanship and inheritance items 16 photos
Photo: Treesign - Tiny Homes of Sweden
Cecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny HomeCecilia Tiny Home
Cecilia is a home with a heart. Named after the customer for whom it was custom-built, this adorable tiny house looks like it came straight out of a Swedish fairytale. The skilled team at Treesign combined modern craftsmanship with old, repurposed elements to give this compact dwelling a unique personality and the warmest ambiance.
Houses built from scratch with brand-new materials, furniture, and décor are undeniably attractive, but many people prefer the familiar, nostalgic charm of homes packed with vintage items, memories, family heirlooms, and so on. These types of homes have a recognizable personality compared to the cookie-cutter versions, and they feel truly inviting.

Cecilia is one of these homes. Size-wise, it leans on the compact side, with an 8.6-meter length (a little over 28 feet) and a 4.2-meter width (13.7 feet). This Swedish builder specializes in compact, wooden homes on wheels without venturing too far in terms of size and contemporary design innovations. The largest model in its portfolio boasts less than 40 square meters (430.5 square feet) of floor space, while the smallest offers no more than 20 square meters (215 square feet). The Cecilia tiny boasts 24 square meters (258 square feet) overall, including a bedroom loft and one storage loft.

The owner of this custom dwelling described it as an "organic tiny house," which is another way of underlining the home's deeply personal character and seamless integration of vintage, repurposed materials, pieces of furniture, and decorative items. Cecilia flaunts a striking outer appearance as well due to the dark mahogany with an interesting, rough texture. Cecilia looks like an old home that passed the test of time, even though it's a contemporary build; it also exudes the rustic charm of a wooden cabin nestled in a mysterious forest.

Cecilia Tiny Home
Photo: Treesign - Tiny Homes of Sweden
Inside, the warm, rustic ambiance is just as magical as you'd expect. Instead of the modern living room set up with a large sofa and a classic coffee table, this Swedish tiny reveals a delightful lounge with a rocking chair and a couple of stools around a compact wooden table with a foldable section. This multi-functional piece can turn into a large dining table for up to six people and also doubles as an excellent desk. In its most compact form, it takes up very little space, which is great for a small lounge such as this.

Although a multi-functional item brings the fresh air of contemporary design into this old-looking dwelling, it's beautifully integrated with the rest of the furniture and the décor for a balanced overall style. Huge windows on two sides keep this small area bathed in natural light, while the generous views create the illusion of a wider space. There's also room for storage, including on the window sill. Speaking of storage, the smaller loft designed to keep larger items neatly stored sits right above the lounge.

This type of loft is a smart solution for keeping the ground floor clutter-free. It's accessed via a basic ladder, which can be stored away when not in use so that it doesn't take up any space. A gorgeous wood-burning stove marks the transition from the lounge area to the kitchen. It looks wonderfully rustic and more practical than you'd think (it comes with a built-in hot water heater in the chimney).

The kitchen is located at the end of the house, which creates a transition storage corridor with a staircase on one side and built-in cabinets on the other side. This staircase is one of Cecilia's signature features, with apparently mismatched colors and textures. Most of the cabinetry, including the one in the kitchen, was carefully put together using inheritance and repurposed second-hand items. The distressed look, mismatched colors, and varying textures give Cecilia its unique, special personality.

Cecilia Tiny Home
Photo: Treesign - Tiny Homes of Sweden
The stairs were custom-built to fit the size of the cabinets and drawers, which included a generous wardrobe. Lots of cabinets and tiny shelves provide ample storage, considering how small the kitchen actually is. Plus, despite the rustic look, Cecilia's kitchen was perfectly equipped with the basic appliances for everyday cooking. Still, everything is minimal, in line with the home's overall simple, natural spirit.

Cecilia's quirky custom stairs lead to the only bedroom in the house. It offers enough space for a double bed and also features built-in storage in the form of tiny cabinets and shelves. A partial protection wall adds a touch of privacy without isolating the room entirely. Unlike the lounge, where big windows were purposely added to open up the space, the rest of the house features small windows that keep the air circulating properly but don't add too much light. This creates a pleasant light/dark contrast throughout the home, enhancing the cozy atmosphere.

Most of the décor items around the home, including the kitchen, were also part of the owner's personal collection, as well as pre-loved pieces. They were the perfect final touch for a home that's more about giving certain items a second life than creating more waste and spending more money.

Cecilia Tiny Home
Photo: Treesign - Tiny Homes of Sweden
This lovely custom tiny house is also a perfect expression of Treesign's philosophy. This Swedish manufacturer carries out its entire production locally in a dedicated factory running on locally produced power. Sustainability is a big part of the Treesign mission. Plus, keeping the entire production indoors and inside a heated facility eliminates the potential risks associated with the weather elements and helps speed up the overall process for a shorter delivery time.
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