The Joy of Electric Beer Trucks Means Zero Tailpipe Emissions and A Hit in NYC

Volvo Trucks North America are making beer lovers in New York City happy by delivering and rolling out first of five electric trucks to Manhattan Beer Distributors in New York City.
Volvo VNR 7 photos
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Not only will it make it less likely New Yorkers will be startled awake by morning beer deliveries, but they can also breathe easier knowing there are soon be fewer coal-rolling, diesel-powered beer trucks fouling the environment.

According to Peter Voorhoeve, President of Volvo Trucks North America, these battery-electric, zero tailpipe emissions trucks will offer cleaner air and “significant noise reduction” as they glide along the streets of the five Boroughs in New York City.

These Volvo VNR Electric trucks are now part of the Manhattan Beer Distributors' fleet. The MBD fleet includes some 400 trucks. These new Volvo additions are among the first fully-electric Class 8 trucks to be rolled out in the Northeast.

While the Volvo VNR trucks feature a 150-mile range which could be a stumbling-block for long-haul trucking operations, the range is ideal for local and regional deliveries. As part of the rollout, three new charging stations were installed at Bronx facility which will serve as their new home. Volvo says the trucks can be fully charged overnight.

Offering a battery capacity of 264 kWh, the VNR trucks can be charged to 80% in just 70 minutes and fully recharged overnight.

VNR models are powered by a 340kW/455hp/4,051 lb-ft peak output torque motor, offer braking systems where between 5-15% of brake energy is regenerated back into an Energy Storage System, put the power to the road via a two-speed I-Shift automatic transmission through the Volvo Trucks electric driveline and are capable of reaching a top speed of 65 mph (104 kph).

And Volvo says New Yorkers will also appreciate how air and noise pollution are cut down by these electric workhorses.

Voorhoeve adds that the New York City Department of Transportation and its Clean Trucks Program were critical in getting the Volvo trucks onto city streets. The Clean Trucks Program rebates up to $185,000 to replace trucks in certain industrial regions of the city.

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