U.S. Volvo Trucks Now Come With a Driver-Facing Camera and Added DVR Storage

Volvo truck drivers and fleet managers in the U.S. get a safety boost - the company has recently introduced the 5th generation of the SafetyDirect processor from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems on selected models.
Volvo VNL is one of the models that will feature the new Bendix SafetyDirect system 9 photos
Volvo VNL TruckVolvo VNL TruckVolvo VNL TruckVolvo VNL TruckVolvo VNL TruckVolvo VNL TruckVolvo VNL TruckVolvo VNL Truck
Volvo Trucks is known for equipping its trucks with some of the most advanced safety features available out there, from the Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA) and Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST), to Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and fatigue-reducing Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) technology.

The Bendix SafetyDirect SDP5 Base processor was introduced on the Volvo VNL, VNR and VHD models last year. It came with Wi-Fi connectivity, DVR storage, and it was able to record up to 83 non-stop hours of video.

The Base processor stays as a factory-installed option, but the SDP5 Full option adds increased capabilities, from a driver-facing camera and more DVR storage, to an overall capacity increase by 70%.

The most impressive feature of the newest generation processor is the driver-facing camera that’s particularly useful for fleet managers. With 2 camera angles (driver-facing and forward-facing), they can now get a better picture of what goes on not only in front of the vehicle, but also in the driver's cabin, which allows for a better analysis in case an incident occurs.

They’ll have access to plenty of footage, since the 2 cameras are able to constantly record up to 83 hours of video. Plus, the new driver-facing camera provides high-resolution color image and improves visibility by using infrared technology. Added to the benefits of this new camera and increased DVR storage, an internal battery makes sure no data is lost, which is another advantage for fleet managers.

The Bendix SafetyDirect system, with the new SDP5 Full processor, is fully integrated with Volvo Active Driver Assist and is available on the Volvo VNL, VNR and VHD trucks.

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