The Gorgeous Frangipani Is Much More Than a Modern Tiny House

The 2024 Frangipani tiny house boasts a modern layout with a fully enclosed bedroom 17 photos
Photo: Alphaline Group
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If you thought that there was no such thing as the perfect tiny house, this freshly launched Aussie model might make you change your mind. As exotic and vibrant as its name, the Frangipani is a special house on wheels, not just in terms of design and layout.
Alphaline Group has delighted its customer base with an incredible variety of smart, luxurious tiny homes, and it's ready to take things even further. This year, the reputable Australian builder launched the first models in its new series, called THybrid. These are basically tiny homes designed and built to meet the standards of the national construction code, which makes them equal to traditional homes in terms of certification. This is why they're called hybrid – they offer all the benefits of mobile dwellings with the added advantage of full certification, just like conventional homes.

Alphaline's THybrid builds are much more than great-looking, spacious homes; they are, so to speak, future-proofed. It's easier for the owners to sell them in the future if they want to, and it's easy to settle anywhere without worrying about all the restrictions that are typically associated with homes on wheels.

This new range came as a response to the lack of clear, uniform regulations for tiny houses across Australia. Despite the huge and increasing popularity of the tiny living phenomenon, regulations still haven't caught up to it, and this is making it harder for owners who want to downsize with peace of mind for the future.

Frangipani 8500
Photo: Alphaline Group
This is where the THybrid tiny homes come in, as a compromise and a way to get the best of both worlds. This alone is enough to make the Frangipani tiny extra special, but it's only an added bonus to its sturdy construction and ingenious, ultra-modern style. The Frangipani is no less impressive, style-wise, than previous Alphaline models that have dazzled us with their spacious layouts and flawless interior designs.

This Aussie builder is an expert in single-level tiny homes, and the Frangipani is another great interpretation of this popular configuration. These types of tiny homes are ideal for those who favor comfort in the most traditional sense – everything is on the same floor, which means there's easy access for anyone, as well as a seamless flow throughout the home.

At the same time, they are specifically designed for an enhanced, effortless connection to the outdoors. The Frangipani seems to spill over and merge with its natural surroundings in the best way, which is a typical Aussie take on tiny living.

Frangipani 8500
Photo: Alphaline Group
The Frangipani is not as lengthy as previous Alphaline models, yet surprisingly voluminous, which results in an airy and extra luminous ambiance in every living area. Length-wise, it's just under 28 feet (8.5 meters) and a little over nine feet (2.8 meters) in width. Like most Alphaline homes, it displays modern interiors with a fresh, urban look. You won't find the abundant woodwork of modern-day rustic cabins. Modern materials are complemented by the extensive glazing that characterizes most Aussie-designed tiny homes.

Frangipani exudes the relaxed, exotic ambiance of a tranquil oasis in the middle of nature. As you pass through the large, sliding doors, you are welcomed into a roomy lounge with huge picture windows on two sides. It's the typical design of an indoor/outdoor relaxation area that seems to overflow beyond its actual borders.

This is the type of lounge where you literally feel immersed in nature without actually stepping outside. If needed, this section of the home can also provide temporary accommodation for one or two people, bringing the home's capacity to a total of four.

Frangipani 8500
Photo: Alphaline Group
The galley-style kitchen doesn't try to mimic the look or functionality of a farmhouse kitchen. It's compact and equipped with no more than the basics, with big overhead cabinets ensuring generous storage. Yet, what makes this kitchen special is the two-in-one dining function.

Instead of a larger countertop or additional kitchen drawers, the generous floor space was used to add a lovely dining corner. It's a departure from the simple breakfast bar we often see with Aussie-designed tiny homes. A simple element like this discrete dining corner instantly changes the home's vibe. The Frangipani tiny feels instantly more intimate, cozy, and elegant.

The ground-level bedroom is undoubtedly Frangipani's main attraction. It's fully enclosed and big enough to include a large wardrobe and other storage solutions. A comfy two-person bed comes with smaller windows at the top and gorgeous panoramic views thanks to the big windows in front of it. A compact nook between the bedroom and the kitchen was designed to house a washer/dryer without taking up too much space.

Frangipani 8500
Photo: Alphaline Group
One of the best things about this private, easy-to-access bedroom is that the bathroom is almost like a traditional en-suite. Single-level tiny homes typically place the bathroom at the opposite end of where the bedroom is due to space limitations. In this case, the master bedroom comes with an en-suite bathroom, which enhances the luxurious feel of a totally private sanctuary. Plus, the walk-through bathroom is just as elegant as the entire house and just as luminous and airy.

Future owners can also choose to add a big covered deck so that they can enjoy being outside even more, as well as interior customizations. Most importantly, the Frangipani was designed to be more than an attractive design. Whether it becomes a family home or an exotic retreat, this tiny is truly built for generations to come.

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