The Golden Standard for Comfort and Peace Can Be Found in the $8 Million TLC Yacht

The luxury yachting industry is a grand one, so much so that it's difficult to know where to even start, assuming you've got the millions to grab such a floating palace. Well, one machine that's up for grabs is the TLC, a little 90-foot bugger with more than enough punch for its asking price.
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Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Let's face it: whenever we talk about a superyacht, you know we're typically talking about price tags in the millions. Luckily for those in the market for a floating kingdom, the TLC, the machine you see in the image gallery, is only selling for an achievable-in-this-lifetime $8 million (€7.5 million at current exchange rates).

While $8 million sounds like a lot to dish out on your own personal machine, this one's suitable for up to eight guests, so all you've got to do is split the bill eight ways. From there, figure out how to manage costs and share the TLC, and you're set. Best of all, on the days, weeks, and months when you're not using your vessel, you can put it up for charter. Business aside and all, let's dive deeper to see what we can get our hands on.

Now, TLC is a ship born in 2020, and by yachting and boating standards, it's nothing more than a three-year-old who's just learning to talk and building up muscle for the lifetime ahead. Oh, and if you're doubting this vessel's ability to live as long as you, maybe more, don't; none other than Ocean Alexander is responsible for the build.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
You may have heard of Ocean Alexander (OE) before. Heck, they've been around since 1977, and in the years that have passed since, this team has grown to be one of the yachting industry's go-to crews for a job done right. Heck, just look at the way the TLC presents itself!

As you may have seen in the we added to this article, the TLC is all about comfort. However, that comfort goes well beyond what you see. Actually, it even extends to how this ship is made. Overall, the hull is crafted using fiberglass, but beyond that, OE employs an array of resins and foams to create a structure that is thermally, vibrationally, and acoustically insulated.

How far did OE go? As far as was needed to ask $8 million for this puppy. They used an array of foams, placed multiple barriers of reflective, absorptive, and dampening materials, and even added air pockets to the structure to ensure their desired levels had been reached. As a result, the TLC often falls between 1/10 to 1/2 of the ISO-6954 vibrational/acoustic requirements for such a vessel.

What does all this mean for future owners of the TLC? It means a ship that's quiet, won't have the casbah rocking too much, and should end up costing less to heat or cool interior spaces. Speaking of interior spaces, let's see what the rest of this vessel has to offer.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Now, the moment you step onto the TLC, you'll find yourself in the presence of a beach club. Not only is there a large platform on which you can easily stand and mingle with guests, but it's also the place where you'll throw up a lounge chair and soak up some rays. This is also the place where you can dive into the surrounding waters if you don't do so right off the side of the ship.

But this isn't the end of the beach club; an interior section exists, too, and all you've got to do is activate the two black glass doors. This is where you'll want to go if you need to escape the sun's rays. Sure, it may not seem like much, but it's not every day that you see a 90-foot (27-meter) yacht with such a prominent beach club.

Oh, you want more sunlight? Well then, the highest deck is the place for you. But, it's not just sun you can soak up here, but a tad of alcohol and even a bit to eat. Make sure you don't drink and captain. But be sure you're seen on this deck as you roll into and out of port.

As for the final visible deck, it's found one level below the sun deck, and upon seeing it for the first time, I found myself searching for the designer. Come to find out, it's the work of Evan K. Marshall, an interior designer from London who's been in this industry since 1993. that's thirty years of experience, and it shows in every corner of the interior.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
My favorite part of the whole shebang is how multiple types of woods, glass, and semiprecious metals blend to create harmonious spaces that aren't too posh but will still have you waking up with a smile on your face. Heck, take the shoes off and feel the carpeting. Composite materials also make it into the scene.

One thing you need to understand about TLC is that it's aimed at the customer who's just looking to kick back and break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday millionaire life. That said, features, spaces, and appliances offer a homey feeling meant to help the mind and body relax.

But don't be fooled. Sure, the TLC presents some rather comfortable and homey living, but if you need, or rather, want a bit of excitement, it can deliver. Two MTU engines born the same year as the TLC can propel this bugger around at speeds upwards of 28 knots (32 mph). That's huge for something this large. You can thank Ocean Alexander for this magic.

At the end of the day, you've got to remember that I'm nothing more than a messenger, so if the TLC tapers to your lifestyle dreams and goals, get ahold of Northrop & Johnson and let their brokers take things from there.
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