The Eye of Sauron Sees All: Miata Headlights with Humor

The all-new Miata's looks have had a couple of days to sink in, and yet we still can't say that we love what they've done with the design, which tries to look too modern at the front. But maybe a sportscar that's lower, lighter and more agile than its predecessor shouldn't be judged on looks alone.
Mazda Miata has the eye of Sauron 1 photo
Photo: subTURAT
If you're after a small, light, agile machine with tactile handling, what's wrong with a classic model? Mazda's marketing teams might boast that the MX-5 is the best-selling 2-seater sportscar in the world, with 940,000 units sold. But most of those were the classics, the MG copycats with pop-up headlights.

Having electric motors pushing up the headlights every time you want to use them is inefficient from both the aerodynamic and reliability points of view. But it's so much cooler than the way we do things nowadays and it opens up new customization possibilities.

Just take this orange machine as an example. The round bezel of its headlight is perfect for a sticker that looks like the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. After his body is lost in a war, this force of evil manifests itself as a huge lidless eye engulfed in fire over a huge tower. Its gaze watches over a huge army of monstrous creatures called orcs. Let the lord of the black lands come forth, let justice be done upon him!

Photo via SubTURAT
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