The Elegant and Spacious Carolina Coast Tiny Is a Vision in White

The Carolina Coast boasts a spacious layout and a pristine monochromatic style 21 photos
Photo: Handcrafted Movement
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Tiny living enthusiasts with a nostalgic affection for traditional-style family homes would most likely fall in love with this stunning tiny home that exudes classic elegance and understated luxury through every pore.
Carolina Coast is the name of a Handcrafted Movement tiny house model that's currently retired, yet a timeless classic that will continue to inspire folks with its pristine appearance and sumptuous spaces.

Beyond contemporary minimalism and the ultra-popular Scandinavian style, this home is almost shockingly white, and this is what stands out the most at first glance. It's rare to find such an abundance of white in the world of tiny living, where easy maintenance and durable options are part of the deal.

Indeed, a home like Carolina Coast might require a bit of extra effort to keep up its flawless beauty, but it's all worth it for anyone for whom style and elegance are equally important as functionality and everyday comfort. Some people can only envision downsizing in an elegant format that doesn't stray too far from traditional comfort, and this is what Carolina Coast embodies.

Built on a 31-foot (9.4 meters) trailer and boasting an 8.5-foot (2.5 meters) width, this elegant home on wheels has enough room for a traditional-style layout with a modern twist. This translates to having a large, separate room on the ground floor, which is big enough to become a bedroom with a king-size bed and an upstairs bedroom as well (designed to fit a queen-sized bed).

The Carolina Coast
Photo: Handcrafted Movement
The Carolina Coast can, therefore, provide generous accommodation even for a larger family while also flaunting the versatility of a modern dwelling. Owners who don't need two bedrooms could easily transform the downstairs area into a fully-equipped home office or even an indoor workshop.

Both rooms are filled with natural light and adequately ventilated due to several large windows. The entire home is designed to draw in as much natural light as possible, further accentuating the gorgeous all-white walls and furniture. Although luminous and airy, each room is also designed for privacy – a rare treat when it comes to small dwellings.

While the main bedroom can be fully enclosed, the loft comes with an elegant protection wall. Even accessing this room is easy and comfortable, as you would expect, with a home designed for maximum comfort. There are no pesky ladders, only a few steps that make it easy for anyone to access this loft on a regular basis.

The Carolina Coast
Photo: Handcrafted Movement
The Carolina Coast exudes a sense of flow and openness that is reflected even in the tiniest details. For instance, the staircase is discretely hidden behind a partial panel that helps create a semi-separate dining nook in the kitchen.

This is a lovely setup with a generously-sized table and a built-in bench right under a huge window. Both the table and the bench are crafted from live-edge wood for a more glamorous effect. The strategic placement ensures the best views, while the ingenious separating panel helps create an intimate, romantic ambiance.

Even with the addition of this lovely dining nook, the Carolina Coast still flaunts a big kitchen with lots of storage. Traditional-style drawers and cupboards create a sense of familiarity and help keep this striking, all-white kitchen completely clutter-free.

The Carolina Coast
Photo: Handcrafted Movement
The open-plan layout creates a seamless flow from the kitchen/dining area to the lounge, which makes the interior seem even bigger. Huge windows keep this part of the house filled with light as well, while the electric fireplace and the smart TV are seamlessly incorporated into a built-in hatch – a feature that saves space and adds a contemporary touch.

Carolina Coast's kitchen also includes a separate nook for the fridge and a large pantry. Behind a contrasting pale blue door, the bathroom reveals itself as a surprisingly glamorous space. A large window and a big mirror help amplify the feeling of spaciousness inside this beautifully-styled bathroom. The toilet is an energy-efficient version, and the classic vanity flaunts a beautiful marble top, which shows careful attention to detail.

On the outside, this tiny home looks just as elegant with its traditional, pale-blue door and a matte black metal roof that makes the crisp monochromatic exterior stand out even more. A cozy deck would be the perfect addition to a home like this, especially in the form of a 12-foot cedar porch with a cedar awning (one of the optional upgrades available for the Carolina Coast model before it was retired).

The Carolina Coast
Photo: Handcrafted Movement
Classic at its core, this white beauty boasted all the modern features of homes on wheels equipped for efficiency. Its kitchen appliances included an energy-efficient fridge/freezer with automatic defrost and a three-burner LP gas range, and it came with built-in hookups for a washer/dryer unit. As for a cozy temperature year-round, the standard equipment included an LP tankless water heater (also energy-efficient), an electric fireplace, and a mini split air conditioning system.

The Carolina Coast is no longer available, but the talented team at Handcrafted Movement offers several similar designs.
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