That's NOT How You Take a Left Turn: Lamborghini Aventador SVJ T-Boned by Kia Hatch

Lamborghini may have ended the production of the Aventador shortly before rolling out its replacement, the electrified Revuelto, but this model remains a dream machine and a very serious track tool. Well, assuming you know your way around fast cars, which is clearly not this driver's strong point.
Lamborghini and Kia - Accident 11 photos
Photo: instagram | raw.shoots via supercar.fails
Lamborghini and Kia - AccidentLamborghini and Kia - AccidentLamborghini and Kia - AccidentLamborghini and Kia - AccidentLamborghini and Kia - AccidentLamborghini and Kia - AccidentLamborghini and Kia - AccidentLamborghini and Kia - AccidentLamborghini and Kia - AccidentLamborghini and Kia - Accident
A short video that made its way to the internet late last month shows a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ accelerating down the road before taking a left turn. However, instead of making sure they had plenty of time to do that safely, the driver just proceeded to turn the wheel left and stepped on the gas.

What happened next is obvious, as it got t-boned by a Kia. Some may argue that the Korean hatch could have avoided the accident, but to the driver's excuse, it was the fault of the person driving the Lambo. On top of that, the Kia is not particularly known for acing the moose test at high speeds, so everything could have gone seriously south if they swerved to avoid the supercar.

You can see pieces flying off from both rides as the hatch's face came in contact with the right quarter panel and a good chunk of the back end of the Italian supercar. The video ends shortly after the impact with both vehicles stationary, and you don't need to be a petrolhead to know that it's going to cost a lot of money to bring back the initial shine within the Aventador SVJ. Chances are the Kia sustained significant damages as well.

The video that was uploaded on Instagram a couple of weeks ago by raw.shoots and shared by supercar.fails recently is said to have been recorded back in 2020. Therefore, it's likely that the Lambo was repaired a long time ago, and hopefully, the owner of the Kia got themselves a newer ride.

This footage comes a day after we wrote about a road rage incident between a very rare Bugatti Veyron L'Or Rouge and a BMW 2 Series. That video shows the driver of the Molsheim hypercar trying to cut in front of the Bimmer somewhere in China, though the person holding the wheel of the 2er said no, and the two rides ended up having a close encounter of the third kind. It appears that after the accident, the Veyron driver lost it, kicking the BMW and threatening the person driving it.

But all's well that ends well, as no one was hurt in that incident that you can watch here after hitting the play button on the video below. It was probably the same in the case of the Kia hitting the Lambo, which appears to have happened somewhere in the United States.

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