Video: Bugatti and BMW Go to Second Base in China After Road Rage Incident

An extremely rare Bugatti Veyron and a BMW 2 Series had a close encounter of the third kind following a road rage incident. The damages could have been avoided if one of the two drivers had shown a bit of common sense.
Bugatti Veyron vs. BMW 2 Series 6 photos
Photo: Instagram | supercar.fails and theluxuryscene
Bugatti Veyron vs. BMW 2 SeriesBugatti Veyron vs. BMW 2 SeriesBugatti Veyron vs. BMW 2 SeriesBugatti Veyron vs. BMW 2 SeriesBugatti Veyron vs. BMW 2 Series
Apparently recorded sometime in July of 2023, the incident was captured on dashcams and shows the Bugatti Veyron trying to cut in front of the Bimmer. The driver of the German machine kept their cool and drove forward in slow-moving traffic, preventing the hypercar from merging in its lane.

A second attempt from the driver of the Veyron to cut in front of the 2er was even less fortunate, as the person holding the wheel of the BMW kept their cool and simply accelerated forward. Since the Bugatti was already deep in the lane, the two vehicles collided. The accident left some deep marks on the side skirt of the Veyron, which appears to be in the rare L'Or Rouge configuration.

This is one of just two Bugatti Veyrons that left the Molsheim factory in this specification, and you can easily tell them apart due to the unique paint finish. The bespoke hue combined with the deep scratches and the rarity of the model means that bringing it back to its former shine is going to cost a small fortune. Fortunately, it could have ended badly for both parties involved, so the damages here are only cosmetic.

The incident sparked a lot of rage from commentators in the People's Republic, many of whom blamed the driver of the Bugatti and mentioned the apparent entitlement of the rich. It seems that the man who was holding the wheel of the rare and very expensive hypercar continued his rage upon exiting the vehicle and reportedly hit the BMW while threatening the driver. It's also worth mentioning that he didn’t move the Veyron after the incident, thus preventing the other person from getting out.

Such incidents are far more common than they should be, though most of the time, the vehicles involved are plain mainstream models. However, in this case, we're talking about the automotive equivalent of a unicorn. As we already told you, only two copies of the Veyron were made in this configuration, and now one of them will have to visit the shop, putting a very big dent in the owner's bank account. Hopefully, the angry man learned a thing from this incident and won't cut in front of other drivers in the future, as a simple cruise can always turn into a nightmare.

So, if you were behind the wheel of the Bimmer, would you have let the Bugatti Veyron cut in front of you, or would you have stood your ground?

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