Tesla Village Is Real and Exists in China, Shows Cars Can Transform Communities

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Photo: Tesla on Weibo
Proud Tesla Owner from Panziga, the place Now Known as Tesla VillageModel Ys in Panziga, the place Now Known as Tesla VillageModel Y in Panziga, the place Now Known as Tesla VillagePanziga, the place Now Known as Tesla VillageKid playing with Tesla's UIModel Y under the night sky in ChinaTesla on the road to Panziga, the place Now Known as Tesla VillageTesla on the road to Panziga, the place Now Known as Tesla Village
An American car is sparking a change for the better in a Chinese mountain village. New Tesla Model Ys aren’t popular only in the U.S., Canada, Europe, or big cities like Shanghai or Sydney. These EVs are improving rural lives.
But, beware, this is not something that was brought up by a local. Tesla learned about the community, visited it, and made a video that was meant only for China. It first appeared on the Weibo social network, and it made its way onto YouTube. Unlike the decision to not be active on Facebook, Elon Musk’s company is constantly sharing curious and interesting brand-related stuff in China.

If you’re not knowledgeable about the Standard Mandarin language that’s official in China, then we’ll tell you what’s what. The story is about a man who left Panziga, the small, mountainous place in Yunnan Province that has now changed. He was searching for ways to improve his life but never forgot his first home.

Years passed, and he amassed enough money to feel comfortable returning to his village, especially after he learned there was a new road connecting the place to other important routes. He got himself a Tesla Model Y in the meantime and drove it up the mountains. When he arrived with the idea in mind to build a chic hotel, the neighbors went ballistic over his car. They all wanted to see it and the man quickly became a local source for information. As he presented the vehicle to everybody who asked him about it, more and more people got convinced they needed a Tesla. As of now, there are at least 30 of them in Panzhiga.

Tesla found out, and they paid him a visit. You can see the result of that down below. It’s inspiring!

People started using their cars not just as a means of transportation, but they even do their business with the vehicles.

Elon Musk was impressed about the story too and signed one of the Destination Chargers (Superchargers installed by Tesla partners) that are now found in that small Chinese community that has become already an international legend – the Tesla Village. It might not have its name engraved on a plaque yet, but it surely got famous quickly for its citizens' ability to immediately adapt and make the best out of a new situation.

We're hoping he got some sort of real recognition from Tesla for his contribution in helping with sales and branding. Free Supercharging for life would sound like a sweet gift for the man.

If you're a Tesla fan or just a happy customer, then you'll remember something that might seem similar to this story. You’re not wrong. Six years ago, we were told about YarraBend, an Australian housing project that ended up nicknamed as the Tesla Town.”

Finally, we all know Tesla is an American product born from the pure desire to succeed in what was once a very conservative environment. But you shouldn’t forget that Musk’s company has a strong presence in the Asian country and is constantly investing in the local communities either directly or with help from partners.

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