Tesla Sells Around 3,000 Model S EVs in 2012

Tesla Model S 1 photo
Tesla Motors have been tight-lipped about the actual number of cars they were able to make, and sell in 2012. Their first estimates revolved around the 5,000 deliveries by December 31 2012 mark, yet they were forced to revise the figure down to around 3,000 units in September.
Now, according to, who have done some thinking and calculations, Tesla did, in fact, manage to sell around 3,000 cars in 2012. How were they able to find out, since no official numbers have so far been released?

Well, the looked at the VIN numbers for all of the cars delivered. They discovered that ‘the highest VIN reported on a truck’ was 3,235, while the ‘highest VIN physically delivered’ was 3,026. If Tesla numbers its cars sequentially, which it most likely does, then yes, they did manage to reach the second estimate.
Aside from the cars delivered, since the highest recorded vin was 3,235, then that is around the number of cars they managed to build in 2012.

We will have to wait until February for Tesla to reveal these numbers, but the logic behind the thinking here seems correct, so we say this more than satisfies our curiosity, for the time being.
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