Tesla Unveils All-New Model 3 Performance With 510 HP and 2.9-Second 0–60 Time

2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance 8 photos
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2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Redemption time? Tesla and its CEO have been the center of attention for a couple of weeks now, and not because they were doing something great. But when the marque that forced all other auto brands to step up and invest in battery-electric technology launches a 510-hp sedan, anyone would be forgiven for no longer paying attention to the bigger picture.
And it's not just any sedan – it's an affordable and good-looking all-electric vehicle that's much better than its siblings. The kicker? It can still be a tempting offer for new car buyers, Tesla fans willing to upgrade, and others who want to experience the sporty, zero-tailpipe emission lifestyle. Some BMW M3 owners must surely feel tempted to dip their toes in the silent world of instantaneous acceleration.

The all-new Model 3 Performance comes with the Highland upgrades, which means the cabin is quieter. Tesla has made the chassis stiffer for this model, which was to be expected. After all, you wouldn't want to feel the maximum output of 510 hp while the carriage is a bit mushy. There's an adaptive damping system for the first time, too!

Tesla says the new Model 3 Performance can reach 60 mph (97 kph) from a standstill in 2.9 seconds (with rollout subtracted) and keep accelerating until the tiny speedometer shown in the top left corner on the only 15.4-inch touchscreen available for those sitting in the front displays 163 mph (262 kph). There's a second, smaller eight-inch touchscreen in the rear for kids or those who like to adjust various settings by themselves.

But Tesla didn't suddenly forget who it was while working on this ride. The marque focused on range, too! So, it created new forged 20-inch rims (they weigh less).

2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Photo: Tesla

A tempting package

It also implemented the staggered wheel fitment. That means the rear wheels are a bit wider. Yes, replacing the summer tires will cost more (goodbye four-tire discounts), but the EV will feel much better when the driver takes it to the track and uses everything it has.

Keep in mind that you'll also have to deal with a wider track at the front (62.4 in) than at the rear (61.8 in) because of that decision. It's nothing to worry about. That just helps the EV grip better when cornering.

Tesla appears to have learned from its previous mistakes and invested in a better braking system that has larger rotors and calipers. It says that the new dual-motor Model 3 Performance has more stopping power, but that remains to be seen.

It gets even better because Tesla hasn't just focused on range, more comfort, and aerodynamics. It also invested a couple of dollars into your and your favorite passenger's cabin comfort. The new ventilated sport seats appear to be wider and offer better lateral support while keeping your body temperature at an appropriate level.

2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Photo: Tesla

Decisions, decisions

The Model 3 Performance weighs 4,054 lb (1,839 kg), which is impressive. Most electric sedans have a curb weight of over 4,400 lb (2,000 kg).

The EV's estimated range is 296 miles (476 kilometers). That's 44 miles (71 kilometers) less than what the Model 3 Long Range can do on a single charge and 24 miles (39 kilometers) more than the entry-level single-motor Model 3. The key difference isn't that the Model 3 Performance is more capable and better equipped. It's the EV tax credit eligibility that sets them apart.

When writing, the Model 3 RWD has a starting cost of $38,990, while the Long Range version's MSRP is $47,740. The all-new Model 3 Performance costs $52,990, which makes it eligible for the EV tax credit. Considering that the federal perk can be applied at the point of sale, eligible buyers can get the best version of the refreshed Model 3 for just $45,490.

2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Photo: Tesla
Many will have to answer the following question: "Is it worth it to pay $6,500 over the Model 3 RWD's price for 24 miles of extra range, better seats, a stiffer suspension, and more speed?" We expect that fewer people will go for the Long Range version now that the Performance is ready for prime time.

Then, of course, comes the insurance question. The better EV will be costlier to insure.

All in all, the new Model 3 Performance shows that Tesla can improve its products without being greedy about the price and still maintain profit margins that will satisfy most shareholders. The EV's MSRP even allows for an exterior or interior color upgrade before losing its EV tax credit eligibility because the cost would go over the $55,000 threshold.

The sedan is shaping up to become a winner, especially since it has native access to the Supercharger network (which ran completely on renewable power last year), and Tesla has been named the cheapest car brand to maintain over 10 years.

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