Tesla Rolls Out New Autopark Feature for Vision-Only Vehicles and It Looks Impressive

Tesla rolls out new Autopark feature for Vision-only vehicles 8 photos
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Tesla rolls out new Autopark feature for Vision-only vehiclesTesla rolls out new Autopark feature for Vision-only vehiclesTesla rolls out new Autopark feature for Vision-only vehiclesTesla rolls out new Autopark feature for Vision-only vehiclesTesla rolls out new Autopark feature for Vision-only vehiclesTesla rolls out new Autopark feature for Vision-only vehiclesTesla rolls out new Autopark feature for Vision-only vehicles
Tesla started rolling out two simultaneous software updates to its fleet, one including the latest FSD Beta software and the other adding improved driving visualizations and Autopark. The latter marks the first time Autopark goes out to vehicles without ultrasonic sensors.
Tesla FSD Beta V12.3 continues to make rounds on social media, impressing wave after wave of Tesla owners. This is probably the first and only FSD Beta version that was unanimously praised. However, this cutting-edge branch of the Tesla FSD software can only be installed on Tesla vehicles on a 2023 build, leaving out newer cars that ship with 2024 builds. These still rock FSD Beta V11.4.9, launched in December 2023.

The plan is for these branches to merge in the coming months, although this has been promised for a long time. Tesla has previously merged software branches after the "cutting-edge" builds proved stable enough for production. However, once this happened, Tesla started a new branch to test more new features, and this is also expected to occur in the future.

Tesla is expected to rebase FSD Beta V12.3 onto newer 2024 builds of the vehicle software in the coming months. Until that happens, Tesla employees still have a few goodies to test, as shown in the latest round of updates. While EVs on the 2023.44.30 software got a modest version bump to FSD Beta V12.3.1, testers on 2024.2 builds were in for a huge surprise over the weekend. The 2024.2.12 update delivered improved Driving Visualization and Autopark, the latter being the first time Vision-only vehicles got this feature.

Based on what Teslascope revealed without telling or showing much, the new Driving Visualizations are part of an upcoming overhaul in the Tesla UI. Tesla has been working for over a year on the new visualizations, and those who have seen them promised everyone would be blown away. Tesla offered a taste of what this could look like with the High-Fidelity Park Assist in December. Rumors also indicate that FSD visualization will be available when using basic Autopilot on non-FSD vehicles.

However, the Autopark is the most important feature introduced with the 2024.2.12 update. The update will offer Autopark for vehicles without ultrasonic sensors for the first time. Unlike Autopark on USS cars, this one is end-to-end AI, using neural networks similarly to High Fidelity Park Assist. This improved Autopark system will likely also be offered to cars with ultrasonic sensors in the future. Still, so far, it is only for Vision-only vehicles.

After being reserved for Tesla employees when it was first released as 2024.2.11 last week, the Vision Autopark feature appears ready to roll out to more testers as the 2024.2.12. Early reports show that the Vision-only Autopark is on par or even better than what drivers of USS vehicles are used to. A video shared on X also shows how this feature works. Space Cat, the account sharing the video, drives a non-USS Tesla Model Y with Enhanced Autopilot (non-FSD). The video shows the new Autopark visuals and how the vehicle determines suitable parking spots on the fly.

Once a parking spot is chosen out of existing options, all you have to do is press the "Start" button on the screen to start the maneuver. Next, relax and enjoy your Tesla shifting into drive or reverse as required to park automatically. However, Musk promised a better version of Autopark that would allow drivers to exit the car while it parks itself. He recently named it "Banish," although there's no mention of it in the 2024.2.12 release notes.

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