Updated Tesla App Offers New Insight Into Upcoming Autopark Feature

Updated Tesla app offers new insight into upcoming Autopark feature 6 photos
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Smart SummonTesla AI team to bring “actually smart” Autopark/Smart Summon functions this monthTesla AI team to bring “actually smart” Autopark/Smart Summon functions this monthTesla AI team to bring “actually smart” Autopark/Smart Summon functions this monthTesla AI team to bring “actually smart” Autopark/Smart Summon functions this month
With the removal of ultrasonic sensors, Tesla also sidelined its Autopark and Smart Summon features since Tesla Vision is not yet fully capable of offering these functions. However, a change in the Tesla App suggests that both Autopark and Smart Summon will get a new spin in the near future.
A few days ago, Elon Musk promised "really cool stuff" related to the Autopark and Summon features that would come in March and April. Musk said that in reply to a fan who shared a video of his car using Summon to park in a tight garage. Tesla owners used this function regularly before the feature was removed. Based on the vehicle owner's manual description, Summon allows you to automatically park and retrieve your vehicle while standing outside.

This is different from the Smart Summon function, which allowed Tesla EVs to be "summoned" from longer distances (up to 213 ft./65 meters) in a parking lot to the GPS location of your phone. Smart Summon has been a nice party trick. Still, many owners reported that their vehicles hit other cars or objects during maneuvering. Tesla also offered Autopark, a basic park assistance system similar to what legacy carmakers offer on high-end vehicles. Autopark can identify parallel and perpendicular parking spots and steer the car in place.

All three features disappeared from the Tesla EVs built without ultrasonic sensors (in 2022 for Model 3/Y and 2023 for Model S/X). Later, Tesla decided to remove the functionality of those built earlier with ultrasonic sensors. This frustrated Tesla owners, who relied on Summon to park their vehicles in tight spaces. However, Tesla has long promised that their Vision system will be able to catch up and offer the same functions. Sadly, it didn't happen so far.

Elon Musk made a very credible promise in September 2022 to have "actually smart" Summon/Autopark functions working by the end of that month. However, nothing happened, and we're now 18 months past that deadline. However, things appear to have been put in motion, making the new promise more credible. Specifically, Tesla updated its app to the 4.31.0 version, and software engineers have discovered new information about these features.

Based on the information shared by Tesla App Updates (@Tesla_App_iOS), the app's software code includes references to Autopark, Summon, and Smart Summon. In the case of Autopark, drivers can select between parallel and perpendicular parking. Hopefully, the function will be more reliable than in the past. Owners complained that Autopark would not work unless the parking spots were clearly marked. This is a condition that is rarely met in real life.

There's no reference to more advanced summon functions, like Actual Smart Summon (ASS) or Reverse Summon, although these have been hyped for a long time. As Tesla improves its end-to-end self-driving software, new autonomous driving features should become available to owners.

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