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Tesla Roadster Becomes Art Car

Tesla Roadster Art CarTesla Roadster Art CarTesla Roadster Art CarTesla Roadster Art CarTesla Roadster Art Car
No, there’s nothing wrong with your computer’s screen. This example of the Tesla Roadster really comes with a tsunami of colors. The vehicle’s story is no accident, being as official as possible. Tesla decided that it was time to use a special marketing scheme for its Roadster, introducing this special vehicle.

The performance EV maker has become a player in the art car world, teaming-up with digital artist Laurence Gartel to create this psychedelic vehicle. As you can see, the entire body of the car is now dressed in a digital design vinyl.

This is far from being Gartel’s first experience, as he started experiencing with digital art back in the 70s’.

"Tesla and Gartel are natural partners, both capitalizing on new technologies to break ground in the automotive and art worlds. Just as Tesla pioneered uncompromised electric driving with the Roadster, Gartel introduced the world to new types of digital art in the 1970s. His work has since been featured at the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian, among others," stated the press release.

This was a win-win situation: Tesla was stunned by the artist’ work, while the Roadster’s performance managed to take Gartel into a joy land.

"I was in shock when I took off like a rocket," said Gartel, expressing the feelings and emotions he got from the Roadster. "This vehicle takes off like it's heading to Mars and you don't hear a thing. No burning of fossil fuels either. It's an extraordinary car."

The Tesla Roadster art car was displayed at the Miami annual Art Basel festival, which took place between December 2 and 5, with the vehicle also cruising on Miami roads.


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