Tesla Model X Vs. Hummer H2 Is the Tug of War We've Been Waiting for

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Once the symbol of gas guzzlers, now just the symbol of the past, the Hummer H2 has a lot to lose in this battle. It hasn't got much left going for it, so it might as well keep its pride.
Losing to an electric vehicle would be the ultimate offense, even though this particular EV has over double its power output and just short of twice as much torque, not to mention the ability to send it to all four wheels in its entirety from the word go.

This shouldn't really be a contest, and yet the Hummer accepted the challenge. Nobody knew it then, but it had a pretty good reason to do it: it had decided it was going to cheat. That's right, the Hummer H2 isn't just a relic that feasts on gasoline without making too much power in exchange, it's also a great big cheat.

How did it do it? Well, considering the tog of war was performed on a very slippery surface, all it needed to do was make sure the Tesla lost traction by having its wheels spin. And the best way to do it is to keep pushing the brakes once the other vehicle had started pulling.

If you look at the first two attempts, that's exactly what the Hummer H2 does. It only starts to pull once the Model X had lost grip, making it look easy for the bigger 4x4. And we can't put this on the tires: the first run takes place on wet asphalt, while the following two happen over wet steel (which is almost as grippy as ice). The MT tires on the Hummer aren't exactly made for this kind of surfaces.

On the other hand, it's not that impossible to imagine that, cheating or not, the Hummer H2 is actually better at this than the Tesla. It does have a locking rear differential as well as the TC2 traction control setting which allows limited wheelspin for additional traction under slippery conditions. After all, it can't be a coincidence that Tesla only won when the TC2 was off.

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