Tesla Model X Driver's Supercharger Skills Spark Outrage, Reveal a Problem

If you consider the other examples of bad parking we've seen, this Tesla Model X driver might seem like an amateur, but inside a community that thinks of itself as being head and shoulders above other road users, his behavior could get him skinned.
Tesla Model X taking up three Superchargers 1 photo
Photo: dirtyfries via Reddit
The owner of the red electric SUV was spotted charging his car at the Newark DE Supercharger station while taking up not one, nor two but three of the available spots. Using more than one parking space per car is a terrible offense even in the world of regular parking, but when applied to the limited Supercharging stations, it becomes even worse.

The reports aren't that clear on whether the man left his vehicle there, or was ready to move his car at any given point should the need arise. People who use that station - which has 12 chargers - say that it is rarely more than half-full, so while what he did may appear to be inconsiderate, it wasn't necessarily so.

Besides, he had a bicycle rack on his towing hook, complete with an actual bike, so backing up to the Supercharger would have been impossible without taking it off first. But since there were enough stations available and charging doesn't take that long, he decided to go for the easier approach.

His laziness might have cost him dearly as the community wasn't very happy with what it saw. Probably thinking ahead of the inevitable moment when hordes of Model 3s will assault the Supercharger stations, current Tesla owners were quick to judge the driver and call him all sorts of words you wouldn't want your young ones to hear.

But there were those who tried to see things from his perspective, realizing that the current Supercharger design might have a few problems when faced with a car towing a bicycle rack. In fact, it's got only one problem: it doesn't work.

Since the cable is so short, the driver would have to dismantle the rack before reversing to charge, or risk damaging the charger (and still not being able to replenish his batteries). Studying the image (provided by dirtyfries on Reddit), it looks like all he needed to do was take down the bicycle, not the whole rack, and he would have been able to use the Supercharger just fine. So, all-in-all, even if he wasn't exactly a douchebag in this situation, the choice he made does show he might be inclined towards acting like one. This is one to keep an eye out for.
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