Chinese Woman Turns Her Range Rover Evoque into a Battering Ram for Justice

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One of the worst feelings a human being can experience is that of helplessness. Not being able to do something for reasons outside your influence will eat you up inside and plant nothing but hate and rage instead.
Having your car trapped in a parking lot is a perfect example of a situation that can turn any normal human being into a berserker. You've done the right thing, parked your car in a legal spot and so you expect to be able to pull out at absolutely any time. So when you return to your car and notice somebody has parked in front of it, blocking your way out, it's natural to have a slight bump in blood pressure.

Now, the "right" thing to do is to remain calm and look for a solution. First, check to see if the perpetrator left his phone number in the window or something. If not, check to see whether the car can be pushed one way or another - some people do that, leaving their vehicles on neutral and without engaging the parking brake, expecting everyone to be able to push a 4,000-pounds monster with ease.

If that fails as well, you can climb into your car and honk the horn a few times, in hope he's nearby and will hear it. If this doesn't yield any results, then the last thing you can do before calling a taxi is to call the police and ask for advice or tell them to come and tow away the car.

Sometimes, though, you're in a hurry, and you don't have time to play the nice guy. Or the nice gal, as it was the case in this situation where a Chinese female driver found her white Range Rover Evoque blocked by a black Jaguar XF in the city of Xiamen in Fujian Province. We have no idea how many of the steps we mentioned above she went through, all we know is that she proceeded to push the assailant with her own vehicle until she managed to break free.

Naturally, a crowd quickly gathered, but instead of trying to stop her (or lift the car, which ten or so of them could have easily done), they cheered her on as she repeatedly ploughed into the British sedan. The right side of the Jaguar was all but completely compromised, but we can't see how badly damaged her premium crossover got out of this all-British encounter on Chinese soil.

Car New China reports that the Jaguar didn't move even after dark, so the Evoque driver might have made the right decision after all. On the other hand, maybe its owner did return to the car, but chose not to move it yet until somebody from the police or the insurance company came to see it. But who really cares, he's the villain here.

We will never encourage violence or crashing into a car on purpose, but that doesnt mean that this woman isn't our hero. As somebody who has gone through something very similar recently, I can totally relate to her reaction. And more people who have no problem blocking others should see this, so maybe they'll think twice the next time.

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