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Tesla Model S Radio Flyer Is an Adorable Single-Seater EV for Kids

Ever since the Tesla Model S came to be, we've been waiting to see what kind of oddball contraptions the third-party side of the industry can produce using the electric sedan as a base. And while we have seen a few modded Tesla Model S machines, we haven't met a Model S single-seater.
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Well, this has now changed, as we are introduced to the Tesla Model S Radio Flyer. It's just that we won't be able to get behind its wheel, at least not without finding a way to go back to the age when we tipped the scales at 81 pounds (36.7 kg).

We won't complain, though, since our kids can enjoy this one. And they'll have plenty of stuff to be happy about once deliveries kick off in March.

That comes thanks to the fact that Radio Flyer has paid close attention to the actual Model S when building their scaled-down EV. For instance, the standard model packs a 140 Wh Li-ion battery pack, while you can also go for a 190 Wh battery.

When it comes to the top speed, it all depends on how far the parents want to let their offspring go, as you can select between a maximum velocity of 3 or 6 mph.

And even the color palette of the diminutive green machine seems serious, as it includes Red Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic and Midnight Silver Metallic.

Such hue choices make us think about the financial implications of this toy. And we should do that, given the fact that the Model S Radio Flyer starts at $499, but can be specced all the way to $804.

If your little one is between three and eight years of age, this sounds like a fun way to keep him or her from wishing to grab the keys to your real-life Model S for a back yard drive. Or at least that's what we're hoping for.

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