Tesla Model S P90D Uses Ludicrous Mode to Hit 100 MPH in 7.7s, Sounds like an Elevator

Now that the P90D incarnation of the Tesla Model S has hit the road (literally), the wave of acceleration videos is upon us. We’re here to talk about more than just the usual 0 to 60 mph shenanigan, both in terms of acceleration and thrill level.
Tesla Model S P90D Uses Ludicrous Mode to Hit 60 MPH in 2.85s 1 photo
We’ll start with the number-infused part of the experience. As you can imagine, the driver of the P90D in the clip makes full use of the electric sedan’s Ludicrous Mode. We’ll remind you we are talking about a hardware upgrade here, not just new 1 and 0 magic.

The main trick Tesla engineers managed to pull was to extend the P85D Insane Mode’s effects. Partially thanks to the introduction of an intelligent “fuse” that makes for a massive step ahead, the Ludicrous Mode can now keep the car accelerating at a surprising rate for much longer.

When it comes to the performance, this means the 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) sprint takes 2,85 seconds, as measured in the video below. However, the 0 to 100 mph (161 km/h) shenanigan isn’t too shabby either, with this being left behind in 7.7 seconds. For the sake of comparison, we’ll mention that puts the EV between one and two seconds behind the current generation of Ferrari and Lamborghini “junior” supercars.

Still, it’s not as exciting as you might expect

Sure, the Model S got off the line staggeringly quickly and managed to keep its stamina for longer, but the overall experience might not be quite as intense as you’d expect it.

For one thing, we’ve been experiencing this kind of mind-blowing acceleration coupled with an electric engine whine for many, many decades now and it’s all thanks to the world’s fastest elevators.

Speaking of which, we're curious what the big boys can do once they set the electric wheel in motion, and we're referring to the Porsche Mission E here.

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