Tesla Model S P90D Shows Its Ludicrous Side to a 700+ HP Ford GT

Tesla Model S P90D vs. Ford GT 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
As we’ve all come to accept over the last months, Tesla’s Ludicrous side is usually its rear, the one part most of its competitors are left gawking at when trying to race the American EV.
The Tesla Model S P90D has a lot of notches scratched somewhere on its body, gaining a new one each time it defeats another opponent. Which is pretty often. Watching the four-wheel-drive electric vehicle slingshot off the line as if Darth Vader was force pushing it from behind and Luke Skywalker was force pulling it from the finish line (just to be in tune with the upcoming movie premiere) is impressive no matter how many times you’ve done it.

Here we can see it going up against a tuned-up Ford GT that reportedly packs over 700 horsepower, which is a lot. Exactly how much more than the total output of the P90D Tesla Model S? Frankly, nobody really knows these days.

But it’s also a bit irrelevant once you hit the play button on that video, and it’s down to both of those cars. The Tesla’s effortless start is a true marvel of modern technology: no wheelspin, no hassle, just lots and lots of thrust.

On the other hand, there’s that beautiful red machine making the most glorious V8 sound in the world. It falls desperately behind and looks sluggish and outdated by comparison, but it’s still probably the car most of us would be taking home given the choice between the two. No offense, Tesla.

There isn’t a quarter mile mark or anything, and you get the impression the race goes on until the Ford GT hits its stride, gathers speed and finally overtakes the maxed-out Tesla. Nevertheless, judging by the sound, it doesn’t seem like the driver is getting everything out of the supercar. The video description says the Ford’s best time on the quarter mile was 10.6 seconds, which should be enough to beat a P90D on that distance. Something that doesn’t appear to be happening in this clip.

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