Tesla Model S Facelift Redesign Poll Offers Surprising Results

The Model S could have gone a few more years without any aesthetic modifications: it had one of those rare classic designs that don't seem to get old as time passes by, something a lot of other manufacturers have tried over the years with more or less success.
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The numbers come to support this claim, the Model S registering a hike in sales over the first quarter of 2016 and by a significant margin: 45 percent. Opting to refresh its looks while the car was on such an upward trajectory can be a risky decision, but it was one that the Tesla management (who are we kidding? That's another way of saying "Elon Musk") made.

Gone is the black nose cone that acted as a substitute for a radiator grille and in comes... nothing. The 2017 Tesla Model S' front end is nothing but painted bodywork, much like the Model X showed us more than half a year ago. However, given the lower height of the sedan, this enclosed aspect looks a lot better than it does on the SUV.

It could be a classic case of resistance to change the fact that we've seen cars with radiator grilles ever since we were born, so we find it weird to have it missing, but some of us are a little uneasy with this change. Yes, myself included. But if you too agree with me, I would like to officially welcome you into a very select minority of retrogrades who are opposing progress.

A website dedicated to everything electric called Electreck ran a poll that asked which of the two designs we preferred most. At the time of writing this, the results are crystal clear, and I doubt you can find enough similarly-retrograde friends to really make a change since over 4,400 votes have already been cast. The people who are happy with the switch account for over 85 percent of the votes, while the rest of us are just a little over 14 percent.

It looks as if Tesla can do no wrong at the moment, and it's certainly chosen an excellent time to enter this successful groove as very important things for the company are happening right now. And since I'm one of them, I can tell you that even those who prefer the old design, don't really have a problem with the new one - they just don't think it's better. It's still nice, though, so just shut up, Tesla, and take our money.
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