Tesla Is Finally Issuing Free Sunshades for Model X's Panoramic Windshield

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We all love the sun, and it's a good thing we do since we'd all be dead without it around. Even so, it does have a tendency to get on our nerves sometimes, like when it gets all over your face on a Sunday morning when all you really wanted was to sleep in.
Or when you fall asleep at the beach and wake up with a scorched skin. Or when the kid from across the street discovered you can reflect it with a small mirror and started terrorizing you with his ray of blinding death. Wait a minute: I'm starting to think this sun might actually be a bit of a pain in the bottom.

But the worst of all is when you just can't bear the heat anymore. Have you ever stepped into a greenhouse? It's like experiencing what the corpse of a turkey has to go through on Thanksgiving Day, minus the stuffing. The combination of a closed space with lots of windows and a bright shining sun is just a killer.

Well, that's what Tesla Model X users had to go through every day. The SUV's panoramic windshield was great for limiting the separation from the outside world felt by the driver and the front passenger, but it also offered the sun way too many means of sending its rays inside the car. With the first cars being delivered during the winter months, it wasn't much of a problem initially, but now that summer has come in the Northern Hemisphere, Model X owners have begun to complain.

And it's really hard to imagine how so many people involved with the development of this car didn't realize some clients might prefer a little more shade. After all, the Model X isn't the first automobile to have such a windshield, so they could have taken some hints: look at the Citroen C3, for example, which had some retractable shades that could effectively reduce the windshield's dimensions to what is generally considered "normal."

The Model X has been riddled with problems ever since its launch, so Tesla is now slowly starting to address every one of them. Its solution for this case was giving out free specially-designed sunshades to every Model X owner. The company says that they "block two-thirds of light and heat," which is still one-third less than what a real solution should have offered, but it's more than the nothing that was available before.

Letting in too much light and heat isn't the only problem associated with the panoramic windshield. Earlier this year, people started to complain about some visual artifacts at night generated by the windshield's curvature, and later on, it was discovered that replacing the glass would cost the owner a whopping $2,300.
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