Tesla Driver Ignores Road Sign, Car Drives Into Pond Running on FSD Beta

Tesla Model 3 drove straight into a pond 6 photos
Photo: Wham Baam Teslacam | YouTube screenshot
Tesla Model 3 drove straight into a pondTesla Model 3 drove straight into a pondTesla Model 3 drove straight into a pondTesla Model 3 drove straight into a pondTesla Model 3 drove straight into a pond
A Tesla Model 3 drove straight into a pond, as the car was reportedly driving on FSD. Both the driver and the self-driving system ignored the sign that indicated there was a flooded area ahead.
The Model 3 is probably totaled and will end up on the salvage car market. The driver sustained no injuries and was able to walk away. But he learned his lesson well: the Full Self-Driving Beta is not actually… full. And it takes human eyes, hands, and brain, too, in order to keep the car under control. No matter how Tesla advertises the driver assistance systems developed by the company.

Ryan was driving his Model 3 on the highway outside Mono City, California. He had the FSD Beta activated and was doing 60 mph. A sign in yellow that read “Flooded” was visible on the side of the highway. But the FSD totally ignored it. Ryan thought the system knew what it was doing, so he decided to just let the car have its way. But the car kept driving at 60 mph, with no sign of deceleration whatsoever. It went straight into the water gathered on the road.

The footage captured by the camera that is factory fit on the Tesla Model 3 proves that there was no way the EV would reduce speed when approaching water and not even when going into it head first, like it did not have a care in the world.

The compact sedan lost traction once it hit the flooded area, aquaplaned, and went sliding towards the left side of the road, eventually plunging into a pond. Luckily, there was no oncoming traffic, because other drivers had seen the road sign and decided what any driver paying attention to the road ahead would do: went for a U-turn. One thing is for sure: after all the OTA updates, Tesla's software still needs human intervention.

As happy as he may be for walking away without a scratch, the driver is now angry at both Tesla and the city authorities and is planning to seek compensation by suing them both. But the chances to win are minimum. He was the one who ignored the sign installed on the side of the road. Tesla has a legal shield in this as well: they have always advertised the FSD Beta software claiming that the driver must be ready to take over at any moment.

Ryan told his side of the story to the Wham Beam Teslacam YouTube channel. He says that there are many such signs announcing floods but there is usually no sign of water in the area. Well, if the road is not flooded, his car sure is. And one time was enough to send the Model 3 either to the scrap yard on a trailer. Or to the salvage car market, where it can be sold for parts.

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