Tesla FSD Beta V11.4.7 Will Go Wide Within a Week, V12 Software Is Tested by QA Drivers

Tesla owners who enrolled in the FSD Beta program have become impatient after waiting almost a month for a new build. The V11.4.6 was released in July, although it was only installed on a handful of cars. Elon Musk promised that the next iteration, V11.4.7, would see a broader rollout in a week, while the V12 is also actively developed.
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Tesla FSD BetaTesla FSD Beta V11.4.6Tesla FSD Beta V11.4.6Tesla FSD Beta V11.4.6Tesla pushed two different versions of the FSD Beta at the same time
After an avid development pace in the spring and early summer, FSD Beta software progressed much slower. Tesla used to offer about two monthly updates, but regular customers enrolled in the Beta program haven't received a new build since V11.4.4 was pushed to their cars in June.

Since then, Tesla employees got two promising updates, bumping the software to V11.4.6. Still, none of them has been considered stable enough for a wider rollout, which made even the most ardent Tesla fans vent their disappointment on Musk's

The V11.4.6, in particular, promised to solve several widespread issues with self-driving software. One of the undocumented changes that Elon Musk talked about could eliminate phantom braking or, as Musk said, "reduce unnecessary slowdowns." Still, based on Not a Tesla App statistics, only 78 cars, or less than 1% of their user base, have it installed at the time of writing. This build has reached its end of life, as Tesla is already preparing the next iteration.

In reply to a request to release the latest FSD Beta build to more users, Musk confirmed that FSD Beta V11.4.7 "should be going to wide release within a week." That's even sooner than the usual "couple of weeks" Musk always promises. However, we don't know whether he's talking about regular weeks or a completely different time system. There's another thing we don't know: anything about the new FSD Beta version.

As it always happens, people jumped on him to ask questions about software development. However, the uber-busy CEO turned his attention to other staff and never replied. People want to know when the latest FSD Beta builds will be rebased on a newer Tesla firmware version, as the 2023.7 has grown a little long in the tooth.

In the meantime, Tesla released 2023.12, 2023.20, and 2023.26 builds, albeit with the earlier V11.3.6 FSD Beta software baked in. Now, either side is jealous of the other, although no one looks as miserable as the owners of Model S, Model X, and (recently) Model Y with Hardware 4, which still can't test FSD Beta.

Elon Musk also offered an update on the upcoming major release of the FSD software, Version 12. Notice I didn't use the word "beta" since Musk said this version will be production software. Based on Musk's comments, the V12 is a total rewrite, with about 99% of the code being neural networks. Musk doesn't think this version will go public anytime soon because it's too much new code and needs proper testing and validation. Tesla's quality-assurance drivers are on it right now, and, as Musk said before, the build is "mind-blowing."

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