Tesla Could Give the Model X a Significant Range Boost with 2021 Model Year

If you want a practical Tesla, you need to close your eyes and go for the porky-looking Model X electric SUV. You might not like its design, but good luck finding any other EV out there that offers the same combination of space, versatility, performance, and range.
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Like any other Tesla, the Model X had a troubled start in life. A few impressive performances on a drag strip later, though, and most of the world was sold on it, though most of us would still probably buy it with a heavy heart due to its questionable exterior design.

With 351 miles (565 km) of maximum range and the ability to fit up to seven people - though you don't get much storage space in that configuration and the falcon wing doors make mounting a roof box impossible - the only other similar option involves cramming seven people inside any electric SUV you can think of and letting it coast downhill from the top of a tall mountain.

Well, it looks like the competition is going to have to strive even harder to catch up with the X starting next year (or seemingly even sooner) because a sticker posted by a fresh Model X Long Range Plus owner suggests the new EPA rating for the 2021 model year is going to be 371 miles (597 km).

The discovery comes via a Tesla Motors Club forum user called ColdWeatherEV who posted the information and the new sticker for everyone to see. His vehicle features a 2021 VIN number, suggesting the change should be associated with the new model year release. Neither EPA nor Tesla have modified the official maximum range for the model yet.

ColdWeatherEV says he hasn't charged his electric SUV to 100 percent yet to see what the maximum range on the vehicle's display would be, but claims that calculating based on the current state of charge and the range displayed, the result would not reflect the value shown on the sticker. He says he's hopeful the upgrade will come via a future over-the-air update, which seems like a logical expectation to have.

What's also intriguing is how Tesla managed to squeeze 20 more miles (32 km) without any interventions on the battery pack. Since there are multiple ways in which an EV can increase its efficiency - powertrain tweaks, increased cell energy density, improved thermal management - it's hard to venture a guess, but we expect an official word from Tesla isn't too far away. It'll also be interesting to see how this potential hike in max range will affect the other Model X versions apart from the Long Range Plus.
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