TC Tiny Power Plant Is a Battery-Packed Solar Trailer Built To Survive Intense Bushfires

Bushfire-resistant houses are not a whim, especially in areas such as Australia, where fires are a recurrent nightmare. TC Tiny specializes in making these exact kinds of dwelling structures and now it’s added another type of build to its lineup: the off-grid power plant.
TC Tiny Portable Power Plant 6 photos
TC Tiny Portable Power PlantTC Tiny Portable Power PlantTC Tiny Portable Power PlantTC Tiny Portable Power PlantTC Tiny Portable Power Plant
TC Tiny is the name of the small Australian business owned by Tom Coupe, a construction artist who specializes in building fire-resistant tiny houses on wheels. He’s been doing that since 2016 and he’s got several models for sale.

But this guy doesn’t just make standard living houses on wheels but other types of structures as well. For instance, he’s got a tiny art studio, a fire-resistant library called the Book Bunker, and recently, he’s also added a portable solar, bushfire-resistant power supply to his offer.

I’ve already covered his most popular tiny house, the Rusty Box, which is not only portable, cozy, and environmentally sustainable, but it also comes with a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) 40 rating, which is the second highest one, meaning it can survive increased exposure to flames. Not only that, but it can also withstand a category 3 tornado or cyclone.

The TC Tiny Power Plant presented in this article is not exactly a tiny house, but a portable, disaster-resilient power supply. As everyone knows, one big challenge brought by natural disasters, especially in rural or more remote areas, is to keep power working, and that’s exactly what the Power Plant promises to do.

Tom Coupe describes his invention as a powerful but portable unit with high-quality construction and a stylish design. It makes for a valuable addition to off-grid living but also an onsite power source for different events, as well as disaster relief.

The solar, bushfire-resistant structure is basically a rugged but stylish-looking trailer packed with solar panels, battery packs, and inverters. It has been built to survive bushfires and it is equipped with 17 kW of lithium batteries, 3 kW of solar panels, and a 500W inverter. Both 12 and 240V outlets are fitted along with 15-amp outlets, which allows the Power Plant to power tiny houses or caravans. TC Tiny also says that the portable power supply, which is 2.5 m (8.2 ft) wide, can serve as a flatbed for transportation as well as a fire safe.

TC Tiny takes orders for the Power Plant, which is priced at approximately USD 25,300.

I’ll let its creator tell you more about his invention, in the video below.

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