Tasteful, Light, and Clean in Design. Ampler's New Urban Wheelers Are E-Bikes in Disguise

On the market for six years, Estonia-based e-bike manufacturer Ampler makes some really sleek-looking, comfortable, and light two-wheelers. The company is now at its second generation of electric bicycles, and they are tasteful and ready to take the city in style.
Ampler Juna and Axel e-bikes 12 photos
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The thing I like best about Ampler’s two new bikes is that they are e-bikes in disguise. Even though both models are electric, their design doesn’t show it. They’re not bulky, the battery is out of sight, cables are internally routed, and they make you feel like you’re riding on a classic wheeler, while also being ready to assist you at any time and give you that extra boost when necessary.

Ampler’s new urban e-bikes are called Juna and Axel, with the former being a step-thru, comfort-oriented bike for more relaxed rides and the latter having a step-over design and being a bit sportier. While Juna is suitable for riders with heights between 150 and 174 cm (59 and 68.5”), Axel fits riders between 172 and 200 cm (67.7 and 78.7”).

Both bikes are light, with the Axel weighing 16.3 kg (35.9 lb) and Juna 16.5 kg (36.3 lb).

The e-bikes share the same motor and battery, being equipped with a 250W rear hub motor (delivering 45 Nm of torque) and a 48V 336 Wh battery. Ampler claims both bikes offer ranges of up to 100 km (62 miles) on a charge, with the average being 70 km (43 miles). The battery requires 2.5 hours to get fully charged. Both e-bikes reach a top speed of 25 kph (15.5 mph).

Ampler Juna and Ampler Axel feature Gates carbon belt drives, hydraulic brakes, integrated light powered by the main battery, and 50 mm Continental tires.

As minimalist and classic in appearance as they might be, both Juna and Axel are up to date from a technological point of view. They come with Bluetooth connectivity and a feature-rich dedicated app. It includes smart GPS location tracking, allows you to lock the bike, choose between different motor support settings, offers access to your riding stats, and much more.

Ampler’s bikes are now available to order and they are both priced at approximately $2,800. You can check them out in the video below (fast forward to minute 4:14).

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