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Surprisingly, the Jeep Wrangler Tops the List of the New Cars With the Biggest Markups

There is a strict correlation between availability, desirability, and the markups dealers slap on a new vehicle. Or so we thought. According to an iSeeCars study, it’s the Jeep Wrangler that sees the biggest markups, not the Chevrolet Corvette.
Surprisingly, the Jeep Wrangler tops the list of the new cars with the biggest markups  7 photos
Jeep WranglerGenesis GV70Porsche MacanFord BroncoChevrolet Corvette StingrayGMC Hummer EV
With all the production constraints and tight inventories, car buyers had to put up with a new trend: paying above the MSRP for almost all models. Forget incentives, these are a thing of the past, and you will never see them again. Instead, customers pay 10% above the MSRP for the average new vehicle, although the hottest models can sell with markups as high as 25%.

Based on anecdotal information, we thought models like the GMC Hummer EV or the Chevrolet Corvette would get the most significant markups. Electric vehicles, especially, are very hard to find, so it makes sense that people want to pay more to get one. Well, we were wrong, according to an iSeeCars study, which analyzed some 1.9 million new car listings. The top 15 cars with the biggest markups have the Jeep Wrangler in the first position.

This is unexpected since we haven’t heard of any outrageous “market adjustment” fees for the veteran off-roader, or any other Jeep model for that matter. This proves that Jeep dealers are wiser than Ford and GM fellows, managing to stay under the radar while still making a lot of money on the Wrangler. In the second position, we see the Porsche Macan, a model in dire need of an update. Genesis GV70 comes third, a significant win for the Korean premium brand.

A very popular model with production problems and hefty markup records is Ford Bronco. Still, it only ranks fifth in this top. Chevrolet Corvette comes ninth, while Ford F-150 Lightning, GMC Hummer, and Ford Mustang Mach-E do not even make it to the top 15. Hugely popular Ford Maverick is in 14th position, even though Ford had to stop taking orders. The 2023 model year is already sold-out, and 2022 customers will be converted to 2023 models.

“Heightened gas prices have boosted demand for this already-hot seller, with both the hybrid and gasoline versions returning excellent gas mileage, and even these marked-up prices remain attainable for buyers given the starting prices of under $25,000,” says iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer about the Maverick.


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