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Supercar Blondie Checks Out DeLorean Alpha 5, High-End Electric GT With Electronic Hugs

The John DeLorean story is so epic no Hollywood director wants to touch it – at least for now. He developed perhaps one of the sexiest vehicles of the 80s. But the futuristic DMC DeLorean wasn’t meant to be and fell as dramatically as it rose to fame. They say, 'it’s not over until it’s over.’ After a 40-years hiatus, the Back to the Future car is back. This time as the DeLorean Alpha 5, and Supercar Blondie got the chance to review it.
DeLorean Alpha 5 11 photos
DeLorean Alpha 5DeLorean Alpha 5DeLorean Alpha 5DeLorean Alpha 5DeLorean Alpha 5DeLorean Alpha 5DeLorean Alpha 5DeLorean Alpha 5DeLorean Alpha 5DeLorean Alpha 5
If there’s anything that put the DMC DeLorean on the map, it’s got to be its futuristic design. I have to admit they have nailed it again with the Alpha 5. This electric concept car dons the arcs and stance of a future automobile.

Its design is straight from the future while ironically coming from the past. It’s the first ever DeLorean vehicle after the scandalous failure of the DMC-12.

This is not just a concept car. This is coming to real life. It’s going to be in production by 2024,Supercar Blondie points out.

The high-end electric GT segment might already be spoken for by Tesla and Lucid, but the Alpha 5’s tasty handsome exterior is enough to make it stand out from the crowd.

Part of its past charm that it brings forth is the iconic gullwing doors. To add to the appeal, they’ll flip up automatically by gently swiping your fingers on the door panel.

We can’t talk about Alpha 5's design without mentioning its European taste and receding roofline design. DeLorean calls it the Plasma Tail.

This is an all-electric DeLorean, and the top speed is going to be around 155 mph (249 kph), and the 0 to 100 in just over 3-seconds,” Supercar Blondie said.

The DeLorean concept still aims to capture the market as a futuristic all-electric concept, and as you’d expect, the engineers had to include some industry-cutting tech to match.

The Alpha 5 comes with a wristband. Yes, like a fitness band that’ll let loved ones wearing it send their heart rate, temperatures, kisses, or hugs to the driver seated in the car. The car will also be able to import contacts and pin their locations on a live map on the screen.

Like all iconic cars, the DeLorean won’t be available for just any Tom, Dick, or Harry. You’ll have to be a member of the DeLorean club to own this transformative all-electric car.

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