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Jay Leno Makes Public Why He's Not a DMC DeLorean Guy During Live Podcast

Forget the AE 86 tofu delivering teen of Mt. Akina, the Legend of the DMC DeLorean is perhaps the most epic story ever told in the motor industry. Though caught up in a controversial scandal, John DeLorean was the brains behind one of the sexiest car concepts of the '80s. During a podcast with Cars and Culture with Jason Stein, Jay Leno was firm about his thoughts of the man behind the legendary “Back to the Future" car.
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Jay Leno on the DeLoreanJay Leno on the DeLoreanJay Leno on the DeLoreanJay Leno on the DeLoreanJay Leno on the DeLoreanJay Leno on the DeLorean
The story of John DeLorean has aired a million times but it never gets old. To be honest, no documentary, write-up, book, or movie will ever do justice to events that lead to the fall of the DMC DeLorean.

The DMC DeLorean is still a marvel today, and the concept remains timeless and a playground for tuners, CGI artists, and restorers. The development of the car began in the mid-1970s. The prototype came out in 1976 and debuted in 1980 after facing some development issues.

The DMC-12 wasn’t a success and faced development issues that ran post-production. But at the heart of it was a controversy so deep it led to a drug trafficking sting and the dramatic crash-landing of a car brand that would have taken the world by storm.

During a cars and culture podcast with Jason Stein, Leno made it clear that he idolized DeLorean for his achievements in General Motors with the Pontiac GTO but got disillusioned by the events that led to his fall.

It all started when Stein listed Leno’s cars and mentioned a 1981 DeLorean. Leno cut him off and was quick to say that he wasn’t a “DeLorean guy.”

He was sort of a hero of mine, and then when he was going to start his own car company, he was like sticking it to GM, you know, he’s the rebel, that kind of 60’s stuff. And then, of course, he just turned out to be another sleazy coke dealer,” Leno said.

It’s not unlike Leno to speak his mind or take a stand on issues in the automotive world, but his sentiments on the podcast stung hard for DeLorean lovers, and it was visible in the comment section.

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