Super73 Answers the Call and Drops Three Monstrous Dirt-Eating Behemoths

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As you're probably aware by now, America's Super73 e-bike brand is on a hot streak, unveiling its freshest extension to the beloved lineup. Well, this time around, they've listened to customer feedback and have unleashed an entire series aimed at nothing more than off-road domination!
It's called the Adventure Series, and all we need to know about the three machines in this class is what we'll be exploring today. But how did we get here? Well, precisely as I mentioned in the above paragraph: Super73 listened to their customers. That's folks like you and me, and everyone wanted more off-road capabilities from their retro-styled machines. Or, as the manufacturer likes to put it, "bikes designed for the outdoors."

Now, the most important of the three unveiled bikes is the R Adventure. It's this series' proverbial flagship. This is consequently the most expensive EV, cruising in with a starting price of, yes, starting, $3,995. While European customers are set to dish out a whopping €5,400! Sounds like the perfect time to be living in the U.S.

The main stand-apart feature of the R is the adjustable suspension at the front and rear. This means that the rear wheel will be absorbing some of the shocks you encounter while riding and won't kill your back if you catch airtime. Another aspect is the lowered battery pack. It's mounted to the down tube instead of the top tube to lower this machine's center of gravity. Super73 GRZLY tires, an 8-speed transmission, and a seat that spans nearly the entire length of the top tube complete the R's looks and features.

Adventure Series
Photo: Super73
Next up is S Adventure. Here, we start to experience a drop in pricing by $400. So, American citizens are dishing out $3,595 for this one, and European clients, €4,400. The price drop, however, is due to the lack of a rear shock, something that can be very useful while riding off-road. It's retro styling all the way with this one, and so the iconic look of Super73 seems to be more present here.

But, the S does share some traits with the R as well. For example, keeping the center of gravity as low as possible, the battery pack is mounted to the down tube. Up next, the saddle or seat is the same as the R's, and so are the GRZLY tires and front suspension. Again, the only difference I could spot was the lack of that rear spring. Even those fenders are present.

The very last variation for this series is the Z Adventure. Overall, this bugger is selling for the most reasonable price of all three, a non-budget-destroying $2,695. European riders once again draw the short stick and must drop €3,600 on their own Z.

Now, the Z seems to be the closest machine to the classic Super73 style we've grown up with. The only features the three bikes share are the tires, front fork, gearing, and maybe the handlebar. Other than that, the Z's frame is a bit different than the S's and clearly the R's. I'm talking about that rhombus created by the tubes.

Adventure Series
Photo: Super73
For this version, the battery pack is found back up top, like traditional Super73 e-bikes and the seat is back to its normal length. Just solid café racer styling for this one, and frankly, this is probably the version that will sell the most. Why? No other reason than its price tag. As far as the sort of range or power we can expect from these machines, we don't yet know. But the next few days are sure to reveal any and all information Super73 may have on these buggers.

Diving further into this event, it's also apparent that Super73 is taking great strides to help bring some color to our streets. I'm talking about a whole new lineup of colorways for all their e-bikes. With countless shades of pink, red, grey, black, and even mixtures like that camouflage skin, future owners are sure to distinguish their beauty in a sea of other e-bikes, and that's always been a driving factor for this manufacturer.

Heck, I remember the first time I heard of Super73. What set them apart, and still does to this day, is the design they bring to the cycling table, and it's one that I've seen countless other manufacturers trying to copy. In short, they have a way of sticking out, and let's be honest, who doesn't like attention.

Where are things heading from here? I'll give you a hint, Super73 is dropping the pedals and stepping into a new era of EV design and construction. One that breaks any speed limit set by e-bike laws. I'll give you a hint, you're going to need a license for the next one. If Super73 keeps moving forward and growing as they always have, it won't be long until we're reading about Super73 motorcycles, wink-wink.
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