HovCart Is a Cargo Mule With a 60-Mile Range and Outdoor Living Tricks up Its Sleeve

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HovCart E-BikeHovCart E-BikeHovCart E-BikeHovCart E-BikeHovCart E-BikeHovCart E-BikeHovCart E-BikeHovCart E-BikeHovCart E-Bike
I've been noticing a rather new trend in the cycling world: since we've unlocked the secrets to electric drivetrains, manufacturers are looking to transform the bicycle into a workhorse. This is true for brands all over the board, not just younger crews like Hovsco.
If it isn't clear by now, let me say it again: e-bikes stand the best chance at replacing our timeless car, even if only for a few miles each day. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at the $2,000 (€1,800 at current exchange rates) HovCart fat e-bike and why it stands an excellent chance of replacing your car for some last-mile activities.

Does the name Hovsco sound familiar? Of course it does! We've featured their machines countless times, and for good reasons. They've built a brand around some very simple and solid principles. But, to sum it up, they've grown into a household name by designing capable two-wheelers that won't put a hole in your pocket.

As for the HovCart, it's this brand's take on what a cargo bike should be. Let's dive deeper and see what's in store for those looking to cut back on our fuel consumption. Now, like most other cargo-carrying machines out there, it's important to take note of just how much cargo it can carry and how safe you can be while doing so.

Well, from a safety standpoint, Hovsco has decided to implement a few traits into the HovCart. First and foremost, the step-though frame. With this feature, mounting and dismounting are more manageable than on a typical bike, and because you won't need to tilt the bike to mount, cargo will also remain unharmed. Not to mention that there isn't anything to snag upon in an emergency.

HovCart E\-Bike
Photo: Hovsco
Up next, you'll find 20 in tires on this puppy, again pulling the center of gravity low to the ground, while a 4 in cross-section means that lateral stability is higher than usual. Fat tires create a larger contact patch. This means you might be a bit more sluggish when riding, but it'll offer a solid base for those 450 lb (205 kg) of cargo, rider, and e-bike. That's right, 450 lb is this machine's weight limit.

Another aspect of the frame design that needs to be taken into consideration is the rider's position on the HovCart. In particular, the level at which the saddle sits, placing the rider nice and low. Again, this is key when carrying loads. This position also puts the rider in a relatively upright position, allowing for a more relaxed feeling.

The downside is that your back is going to only love you if you ride for shorter periods of time. To help soften up your ride, a suspension fork boasts 45 mm (1.8 in) of travel. If you're planning on taming the urban jungle, I recommend riding with the lockout feature engaged. This helps you direct all power to the rear wheel.

Now, electric drivetrains and carrying cargo really go hand in hand. Heck, if you've towed a child in a trailer, you know just how hard it is to ride uphill with an extra load. A 750 W motor mounted to the rear hub ensures you still have some juice left after climbing those hills in your neighborhood.

Since hauling goods with a 750 W motor is bound to drink up your battery like its spring water on a hot day, Hovsco added a big ol' removable powerhouse that boasts a range of up to 60 mi (97 km). That's in optimum testing conditions, so the real number should still stand around 45 mi (72 km). These numbers are achieved with systems like torque and pedal sensors, ensuring efficient use of energy. Overall, 15.5 mph (25 kph) is the top speed for European riders, but U.S. customers can unlock their beast to allow for up to a 28 mph (45 kph) limit.

HovCart E\-Bike
Photo: Hovsco
Oh, a feature incorporated into most Hovsco batteries I've seen is the presence of an LED light strip to illuminate surroundings at night. If you're the sort of person that often loads up their two-wheeler and rides out of town for overnight camping, this can be a godsend. A second battery can also be picked up if you need or want the extra range.

One last aspect of the HovCart that I want to point out is its modularity. What I mean is all the different add-ons that you can configure to carry cargo ranging from your kid to groceries and even home improvement items. Just make sure to secure your goods properly.

Once fenders, lighting, hydraulic brakes with 180 mm (7.1 in) rotors, and a 7-speed drivetrain are thrown into the mix, all you'll be lugging around is an EV that weighs around 66 lb (30 kg). It's not specified if that weight includes rack options, but it probably doesn't. We can tack on a few more pounds for those.

You know, I've seen a trend lately: more and more cargo-carrying bikes such as the HovCart. All I can say is that, yes, e-bikes are starting to stand a chance at replacing our beloved CO2 factories with affordable and ever-growing green electrical energy. We're spending more time outdoors, contributing to fresher air, and keeping healthy in the process. With that said, well played, Hovsco, well played.
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