Stretched Cadillac Lyriq Is a Presidential Beast We Wouldn’t Mind Having

Despite the fact several countries around the world have announced their intention to make a complete switch to electric vehicles in the mid-term (and at times near-term) future, the United States is yet to make such a commitment.
Cadillac Lyriq presidential crossover 1 photo
That didn’t stop the still-new president of the country, Joe Biden, from announcing that he will have the country’s government ICE car fleet replaced with electric-powered ones.

Sure, that plan is a bit sketchy, as there is no timeframe during which the switch is to be made, and the fleet is so huge (roughly 650,000 vehicles) that it will probably take years to replace. It’s also still unclear whether the plan refers only to full EVs, or will (and that’s very likely) include cars using some type of partial electrification.

These uncertainties didn’t stop the guys over at Bristol Street Motors from imagining how a possible future electric presidential vehicle might look like.

Historically, American presidents have been suckers for Cadillacs, so a switch to electric power shouldn’t affect those preferences, especially since the brand now has an electric vehicle of its own. So this exercise of imagination starts with a Cadillac Lyriq as a base.

The model was presented in the summer of last year as a crossover with a range of around 300 miles (483 km), but it got changed for the purposes of this here presentation.

On account of Joe Biden’s preference for the Corvette, the renderers say they have provided the vehicle with “a secondary power source” and even if we’re not told what that may be, you may let your imagination go nuts trying to figure out how all those external pipes are included in this new power source.

The Lyriq also got stretched a bit, and was transformed to be able to take bullet hits and run on flat tires. We’re told there’s also an advanced traffic-control system in there, one that is currently not on the market.


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