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Stellantis and Foxconn Join Forces for New-Generation Car Software and Hardware

As rumored earlier this week, Foxconn and Stellantis have announced a new joint venture whose purpose is to combine the two companies' assets for a new digital platform that will pave the way for the development of new-generation car software and hardware.
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Called Mobile Drive and based in the Netherlands, the new joint venture will focus specifically on infotainment solutions, telematics, 5G communications, artificial intelligence, over-the-air updates, smart cockpit integrations, and e-commerce opportunities.

Given these targets, it’s easy to figure out the role of each company in this 50/50 joint venture. Foxconn will be in charge of everything related to software, therefore becoming one of the first tech companies stepping into the automotive industry to provide fully featured solutions for the next generation of cars.

Stellantis, on the other hand, will contribute with its car know-how, design expertise, and global experience on tech integration in the automotive industry.

Carlos Tavares, Chief Executive Officer at Stellantis, has obsessively insisted software plays a key role in the long term for the modern driver. He says in a press release that Mobile Drive will allow all brands operating under this umbrella to benefit from “services that maker the next great evolution of our industry.

Interestingly enough, today’s announcement reveals that Mobile Drive won’t just build new-generation technology for Stellantis brands, as the company is open to working together with other interested automakers as well.

Joining forces with Stellantis pretty much puts an end to rumors that Foxconn could end up building the Apple Car. Currently the largest iPhone maker, Foxconn has long been considered Apple’s backup plan should no traditional automaker be interested in manufacturing the Apple Car.

But right now, it looks like the collaboration between Apple and Foxconn would be limited to the tech industry, as the two are going on separate ways in the car biz. Apple is believed to be discussing an Apple Car manufacturing partnership with another joint venture formed by LG and Magna.

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