The Fisker PEAR EV Will Be Priced Under $30,000, Still Revolutionary

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Earlier this year, Fisker Inc. and Foxconn announced they were about to revolutionize the EV industry. There was no feigned modesty in the announcement: their vehicle, which they called PEAR, would be revolutionary, high-quality, and very good value for money.
The name PEAR itself stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, so there is really no mistaking the intent behind it. Whereas, until now, details on how this revolution would be brought about were sketchy, now we know, at the very least, that they have to do with a very low price point. PEAR will be an EV that will sell under $30,000 for the basic model.

The announcement comes via a press release announcing a new deal between Fisker and Foxconn. Car designer Henrik Fisker, founder of Fisker Inc., is teasing a bit more info on his social media, hinting the design is complete and “the next big step in car design.” He doesn’t explain why that is, but he does say it’s “freaking amazing,” so that should do it for the time being.

PEAR comes at the tipping point for electric vehicles. It will usher a new era of affordable EVs due to Foxconn’s experience and connections on the software side and Fisker’s on the automotive side. The plan is to reach a production of 250,000 units, with a start date eyed for late 2023.

Forbes notes that PEAR will start delivery after Fisker’s all-electric, $38,000 SUV Ocean and that it could be produced at a failed LCD panel factory in Wisconsin, as well as at other U.S. and overseas sites. A higher-range version will be offered at a higher price.

“At under $30,000 with stunning design and innovation, we are rethinking the car, both in terms of proportions, design, interior functionality and connected user experience,” Fisker says in the aforementioned press release.

If you’re thinking that’s a lot of big words and very little to show for, you’re probably not alone. A design of PEAR is yet to be revealed, and specifics have not once been mentioned. Until they do, it’s best to take all these “freaking amazing” claims with a tiny grain of salt, just in case.

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 Download: Fisker, Foxconn deal (PDF)

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