Stanced 2015 Mazda MX-5/Miata Rendering - Love at First Sight

Stanced 2015 Mazda MX-5/Miata rendering 2 photos
stanced 2015 Mazda mx-5 miata rendering
We heard people complaining about the Mazda MX-5's (or Miata) new face, which doesn’t seem to integrate with the company’s actual KODO design elements, looking to belong to the previous crazy-frog-smile generation. It's especially true after we saw renderings (this one, this and that one too) showing possible ways the car could look.
Well, to those arguing about that, let’s not forget that the Mazda MX-5 was never searching for a fancy look. The first three generations were shaped to be the most basic roadster you could have fun in - plain, straight shapes, without making a big fuss with intricate creases and undulating muscular body panels; which also got mirrored in its price.

It was simple because the driver had to enjoy the way it handles with each occasion and no distractions were needed.

Looking at the fourth generation now, you can say this is a major breakthrough for the small Miata. It’s face got angrier, you get Jaguar F-Type-inspired taillights, a more steeply angled hood along with the perfectly functional and best-looking interior a car it’s type could get.

And what we saw yesterday might not even be the final dealership-ready version. Even if it’s the exact way it will exit the assembly line, lowering it a bit, bolting on some flared fenders and adding a set of deep-dish wheels will totally transform the way it looks.

Just take a look at the rendering done by Jonsibal which perfectly demonstrates the fact and try to disagree. You can’t. It’s the best looking Miata so far... and the most equipped one... and it’s also lighter than the previous version - something that doesn’t necessarily happen when an automaker puts out a new model.
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