Speedboats and Superyachts to Be the Stars of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Future Action Movie

The famous actor was first introduced to boating last year, while filming a perfume campaign movie 8 photos
Photo: Instagram/Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal Perfume Campaign FilmJake Gyllenhaal Perfume Campaign FilmJake Gyllenhaal Perfume Campaign FilmJake Gyllenhaal Perfume Campaign Filmiguana Pro Rider Speedboatiguana Pro Rider Speedboatiguana Pro Rider Speedboat
Good news for those of us who are fans of any type of boat, from classic ones to megayachts – rumors in Hollywood are saying that Jake Gyllenhaal will be starring in a unique action movie where luxury cars are replaced by luxury vessels, worth admiring, for sure.
There’s been a few good movies that gave us a glimpse into the beauty of famous vessels, such as the luxurious Princess Iolanthe yacht that was featured in the 2013 Diana movie, as the infamous Jonikal yacht where Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed spent a lot of time together. Another great example is the latest James Bond movie, where the UK Royal Navy’s famous destroyer, the HMS Dragon, could be admired in all its glory.

But this upcoming movie isn’t about one particular well-known ship. Instead, it sounds like a feast for all boat lovers, featuring speedboats and superyachts. Called Cut and Run, the heist film is said to be about a group of thieves that use high-powered speedboats to rob a luxury yacht, according to Hollywood Reporter. As you would expect, things don’t go well, and it turns out that they end up stealing “the wrong thing from the wrong group of people.”

Although no other details have yet been released, that logline is enough to fire up our imagination. We’re likely to find out more about the boats that will be featured, as the project progresses. For now, it’s known that Jake Gyllenhaal will be the one starring in it, and even co-producing it, along with Brian Oliver and Bradley Fischer from New Republic, and John Glenn.

Interestingly enough, the famous actor had to learn a thing or two about boating last summer, for a luxury brand perfume campaign. Back then, he was jokingly sharing with his social media followers that he learned almost everything he knows about boating from filming that ad and that he learned the rest from watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

It looks like now he’ll get the chance to star in his own version of a pirate movie, one involving luxury boats. By the end of it, he might even become a speedboat expert.
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Editor's note: Gallery also showing images of the Iguana Pro Rider Speedboat

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