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Soulja Boy Flaunts His Lamborghinis and Bentley After Influencing Money Challenge

Rappers have found a new, too-on-the-nose way to flaunt their wealth by writing messages on the ground with cash. After claiming he invented it, Soulja Boy parades his two Lamborghinis and Bentley to share he’s still the GOAT.
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If you haven’t heard of the latest “Money Challenge” trend, you’re lucky. What it actually means is that rappers (or celebs with money) show how rich they are by writing short messages with cash. The one who started this was Lil Durk, and others followed. But Soulja Boy hopped in the fun and prided himself on being the first to do it in 2016, and you can see the fun posts below. Of course, 50 Cent also had a say in this and declared himself the inventor of the movement. And this is far from over.

But Soulja Boy, on his real name DeAndre Cortez Way, is very calm about it, because he knows he did it first. So, instead of fighting about it, he decided to flaunt several cars he has in his driveway, which, most likely, are his. Unless he’s lying again, and, for those who don't know, the rapper claimed he bought a jet twice, and several vehicles, and it was proven he didn't actually own them.

The cars he showed on his Instagram Stories are a red Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, a yellow Lamborghini Urus, and a yellow Bentley Continental GT.

Gallardo, the Huracan’s predecessor, was introduced in 2003. The one Soulja owns is quite a version from 2008, which comes with a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V10 which delivers 513 horsepower (520 ps) at 8,000 rpm.

The Urus, Lamborghini’s first super-SUV, introduced in 2018, sits among the fastest SUVs ever built. It's powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine, delivering 641 horsepower (650 ps) at 6,000. The Italian brand claims it has an acceleration from zero to 62 mph (0-100 kph) in just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph (306 kph).

Last, but not least, comes the yellow Bentley Continental GT. Soulja Boy bragged in July that he was “the first rapper with a yellow Bentley GT in America,” which rings similar to his Money Challenge. The model is from the previous generation, but he never mentioned if he owns one powered by a V8 or one with a W12 engine.

So, here it is, we’ll wait to see the other rappers flaunt their vehicles in their driveway soon.


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