Slammed Widebody Tesla Cybertruck V2 Concept Also Hides a Flat-Six Twin-Turbo Surprise

Tesla Cybertruck V2 flat-six rendering by zephyr_designz 6 photos
Photo: zephyr_designz / Instagram
Tesla Cybertruck V1 rendering by zephyr_designzTesla Cybertruck V2 flat-six rendering by zephyr_designzTesla Cybertruck V2 flat-six rendering by zephyr_designzTesla Cybertruck V2 flat-six rendering by zephyr_designzTesla Cybertruck V2 flat-six rendering by zephyr_designz
Tesla, the Apple Inc. of the automotive realm, has had quite a great past few months – with the launch of the refreshed Model 3 both abroad and finally also at home, the surprising reveal that its Model Y crossover was not only a best-seller in Europe or a top fiver at home but also the world's second most popular automobile. Plus, they also launched the eagerly awaited Cybertruck.
Indeed, these are exciting times for Tesla, which is going past the image of a company set out to change the world while ruled by a sort of corporate dictator and is settling more into the realm of a veritable automaker. It has produced more than five million cars at its factories up until now and has a veritable family of cars, SUVs and truck(s) up for grabs.

Naturally, the most eye-catching or at least the most controversial of them all is the Cybertruck EV pickup truck. It was finally released into the wild last November, with the top variants first entering production. Naturally, aside from the RWD model, there is also an AWD variant and the so-called Cyberbeast flagship. The latter costs almost $100k, making it the most expensive Tesla currently, and offers an impressive set of facts and figures.

Among them, we can easily cite the 845 hp total power, 320 miles of range, sprint to 60 mph (96 kph) in 2.6 seconds, or the 11,000-lb towing capacity plus the stainless-steel body, to name just a few. Of course, people also want to personalize these initial Cybertruck deliveries to make sure they can still stand out in a crowd when America is flooded with them – and the easiest way to do that is to go for new wheels and body wraps.

However, the imaginative realm of digital car content creators doesn't like it effortlessly, so they are always looking for more extreme ways to make their Cybertruck design projects more unique. For example, Vishnu Suresh, the self-taught concept artist behind the zephyr_designz moniker on social media, has been hard at work envisioning an extreme Cybertruck… or two.

More precisely, not long ago, he morphed the Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast from an edgy pickup truck into a stealthy street fighter that looks like a Skunk Works project from the US Air Force's stealth bomber and fighter division. It's not. Instead, we are dealing with a lowered Cybertruck fitted with an extreme widebody kit, new front and rear 'polygons,' side skirts, a diffuser, and a fresh coat of black satin CGI 'paint.' Well, if you think that's extreme enough for the pixel master, guess again.

Now he has come up with V2, and this second version is dressed in burgundy after it has forsaken the novel EV lifestyle. To potentially add insult to the no-more-truck transformation injury, the CGI expert also swapped the EV powertrain with a Porsche twin-turbo flat-six engine. Indeed, the author doesn't say which one, but we sure hope it's the one from the Porsche 911 Turbo S with enough mods to quickly take down the Cyberbeast at the local quarter-mile dragstrip – even if only across imagination land.

So, which one would you choose – the regular 845-hp Cybertruck Cyberbeast Foundation Series EV pickup truck or one of these morphed slammed widebody beasts: the black one that's potentially still an EV or the crimson version that's packing ICE power on top of all the aerodynamic and suspension tuning?

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