Sedans Still Matter: New 2024 Chevy Caprice Shows Modern Styling in Unofficial CGIs

Chevrolet Caprice - Rendering 6 photos
Photo: Instagram | Jlord8
Chevrolet Caprice - RenderingChevrolet Caprice - RenderingChevrolet Caprice - RenderingChevrolet Caprice - RenderingChevrolet Caprice - Rendering
Like several other automotive brands, Chevrolet is mostly focusing today on crossovers, SUVs, and pickups rather than traditional passenger cars. Unlike Ford, however, they still have several low-slung models in their lineup, and we're not only talking about the Mustang-rivaling Camaro but also the iconic Corvette and the Malibu.
The mid-size sedan is a challenger to the likes of the Toyota Camry and starts at $26,095 before destination and dealer fees in the LS trim level. The mid-spec RS and LT have respective MSRPs of $27,095 and $29,195, and the range-topping 2LT can be yours from $32,595.

In production since 2015, the ninth-generation Chevrolet Malibu is an aging product. It's made at the Kansas City facility and also in China, South Korea, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. Built on the same platform as the old Buick Regal, the Malibu comes with different powertrains depending on where it is sold, and it's a front-wheel drive proposal only.

Now, as you likely already know, the bowtie brand's four-door offering used to be a bit more diverse in the past when cars like the Caprice were still a thing. You do remember the Chevrolet Caprice, don't you? The moniker first appeared with the first generation in 1965, which was replaced by the second-gen five years later. Alongside the era's Impala, it gave birth to the donk trend with the obvious modifications.

Chevy kept making the Caprice until 2017 when production ended altogether. The sixth generation was marketed under different nameplates, including the Buick Park Avenue and Daewoo Veritas, and was made in Australia based on the same construction as the Camaro, Pontiac G8, and Holden Commodore. As V8s were still a thing, it came with such a lump, offered alongside a pair of V6s, mated to automatic transmissions only.

Now, the Caprice era may be long gone, with the GM-owned automotive brand not interested in resurrecting it with a fresh take, but the model has been revived multiple times in the digital realm. Yep, we're talking about renderings, like the one signed by jlord8 recently, which depicts a modern-day Caprice with a split-headlamp arrangement flanking the typical Chevy grille, and a very familiar overall design. The pixel manipulator gave it a black look that suits it perfectly if you ask us and a great set of wheels that are a nod to the real Caprice cars from the past.

We think they might sell numerous copies of a potentially new Caprice if it ends up looking like this, though unfortunately, Chevrolet does not intend to resurrect the moniker and use it on an entirely new sedan, preferably with rear-wheel drive and a V8 engine under the hood. But if it did, would you kick that crossover out of bed for it?

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