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Say Goodbye to Motion Sickness, This 165-Foot Yacht Glides Smoothly Across the Sea

Servo Yachts unveiled the Martini 7.0, a 165-foot (50-meter) yacht that features ground-breaking technology which allows it to glide effortlessly across the water, absorbing any motion that would make passengers seasick.
The Martini 7.0 catamaran with active suspension 1 photo
David Hall, the founder of Servo Yachts, is the brains behind the innovative system. He's been working on the technology for over eight years, and now, he's finally succeeded in integrating it into the next generation of a series of smaller prototype vessels manufactured and tested in San Francisco Bay.

So how does it work? Well, Hall says that the Martini 7.0's suspension system links the vessel's main cabin to two dynamic hulls that automatically adjust to the height and angle of the waves. This allows the yacht to absorb any up and down movements, just like a car's dampers and suspension absorb bumps and unevenness in the road.

The unique design reduces drag, which not only helps eliminate seasickness but also allows the vessel to go move faster. With this new tech, the Martini 7.0 is capable of traveling at high speeds, even in rough seas with very little movement on the suspended deck.

Servo Yachts' technology is far more effective than conventional stabilizing technologies, which usually have a slow response time to the roll. The Martini 7.0's system uses works in real-time, providing a quick solution to a common problem.

In addition to this incredible stability, the system can synchronize the motion of the suspended deck with another moving object. This comes into play when the yacht is docking next to a larger ship.

The design of the Martini 7.0 has been created in collaboration with Shuttleworth Design, a renowned company that has been into naval architecture since the '70s. Orion Shuttleworth, the owner of Shuttleworth Design, hopes to see the new system implemented not only on yachts but also on "day and workboats, ferries, navy transport craft, offshore transfer, and Coast Guard search and rescue vessels."

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