Road Rage Incident in Russia Is like Nothing You've Ever Seen

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
 If you're a driver and never been involved in a road rage incident so far, don't worry, unless you're a Zen master, your time will come.
Just make sure you're not in Russia when that happens, as the people there can be pretty vicious. If you don't trust us, there's this video below to prove it.

It's a well-known fact that certain parts of Russia have to deal with snow for a long time of the year. It's also a known fact that driving on snow-covered roads demands more attention from the driver, which means the stress levels are higher.

And when stress is too much to bear, something has got to give. Usually, that something is the driver's temper, which gets aggravated by some minor incident, and then pops like the bubbles in a champagne glass.

Take the situation below for example. The guy driving the car with the camera - which appears to be a large vehicle like a truck or most likely a bus - might have had to deal with all kinds of bad drivers up to this point, experiences which started building up the tension inside him.

If he's indeed a bus driver, he's probably been roaming the streets the whole day, so he's tired, pissed and he wants to go home.

And then here comes this guy with his Lada 112, stopping in the middle of the intersection for no apparent reason. The bus driver's valve is beginning to fail, and yet he refrains from using the horn. The driver inches forward a bit, but then stops again. Oh, this is just too much.

That's when the bus driver finally freaks out and gets out of the car. Fair warning: what follows might affect you on an emotional level. And also make you want to move to Russia. Hmm, maybe that's stretching it too far.

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