"Hey, Buddy, Mind If I Squeeze in?" - Overtaking Where Overtaking Seems Impossible

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Driving on the highway has its many benefits like speed and safety, but one of the best things about it is that there are very few rules to consider.
You need to stick to your lane, move on to the left (or right if you're in one of those countries where people drive on the wrong side of the road) when you need to overtake and then don't forget to get back onto the first lane. That's about it, and it's as simple as it gets.

The only real effort motorists have to make is to always check their mirrors before changing lanes - and even that seems like it's too much for some.

But, obviously, rules are made to be broken and so driving on a highway can sometimes turn into mayhem: trucks overtaking other trucks that drive 0.5 mph slower than them so it takes forever; cars flashing you to move to the right even though you're overtaking slower drivers too; people jumping in front without signaling; drivers overtaking on the right or even on the emergency lane, because why not?

Well, the guy in the clip below just took things to another level. There's this common misconception according to which if you drive a small car, it'll be easier to squeeze through traffic. In reality, anything with four wheels or more, regardless of its size, is going to be sucked in and get stuck just like anyone else.

And then there are those who refuse to face the reality that their car is just as useless in a complete standstill - only a lot less comfortable - and take things into their own hands. Or rather leave fate into the hands of destiny, since this guy's maneuver could have gone wrong at any moment.

Those in the camera car seem to be amused by the whole shenanigan, but they still call the guy "debil," which really shouldn't require any form of translation. Well, just in case it does, it's a way of suggesting the person belongs in a psychiatric ward.

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