Russian Declared Enemy of Western Capitalism Burns His Own BMW to Prove a Point

The big man almost burns himself while trying to torch the BMW 1 photo
Photo: Fox TV on YouTube
Russia may be using all its resources to show people they don’t need to buy Western products, since the ones made at home are just as good, but nothing is spreading the message like this fellow. Stanislav Beretsky is a 400-pound (181-kg) retired gravedigger who is now spending his time making his own genre of music. He is also a declared enemy of Western Capitalism, for some reason.
A Western Capitalism denier who is looking for his 10 minutes of fame on YouTube; a television star who became famous for his scandalous behavior, mainly because he often attacks other celebrities on air - this is Stanislav Baretsky. The 43-year-old self-proclaimed artist is a real-life copy of Kingpin, from the Marvel Comics universe, and he also spends quite a lot of his time publicly speaking against Western products.

He torched dollar bills - rumored to be fake, ruined a Beatles album in front of a street performer, and bragged about how bad imported cars, gadgets and clothes were. According to Noisey, he is also fighting some kind of a crusade, trying to cure everybody of the “Capitalist disease.”

Baretsky may use music for fame, but it’s a recent video involving an older BMW that could pass as truly intriguing. In it, you can see the killer face Russian driving his German car into a Saint Petersburg suburb, where onlookers would cheer his act. As the crowd goes wild, the big man almost burns himself while trying to torch the car.

In case you were wondering why he burned down his own car, apparently, he says something along the lines “I made this promise, and I delivered on it.” A promise is a promise, after all, but the question here is if the car was truly his.

On a regular day, this guy would pass as yet another fame-seeker, but it appears he is already quite famous in Russia. He even has two solo albums called Censorship 1 and 2, with some of the songs having been played on the radio before. Moreover, throughout his “artistic” career, Baretsky also performed at concerts with famous Russian bands EU and Leningrad.

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