I Drive a White Porsche So Your Argument Is Invalid

Russian road rage incident with a white Porsche Cayenne 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Road rage incidents happen all the time. Some are more spectacular than others, and generally those where both sides of the argument get out of their vehicles tend to be the more interesting. On the other hand, they’re harder to show to you guys since, you know, we’re not big fans of violence.
This one, however, has a certain degree of “funny” about it. There probably is a study out there showing that butch guys wearing tight white t-shirts and similar pants are ten if not one hundred times more prone to getting into road rage incidents than the rest of us. If he also happens to drive a slightly tuned Porsche Cayenne also painted white, then the probability number is taken to the square.

But forget about that study, here is video proof that will render any further research on the matter completely useless.

As always, the venue of this incident is the Russian traffic. Not that we don’t understand why people would be mad there given the chaotic way in which everybody drives, but this sounds like we’re trying to find excuses for the guy.

No, no excuses whatsoever. To get out of the car and actually punch the side window repeatedly, before smashing the side mirror with a kick - that takes more than just cars cutting you off and people driving recklessly. The video doesn’t show what exactly it is that gets the white-wearing bodybuilder in berserk mode, but let’s hope it’s something really serious like the guy in the Toyota stealing his grandmother’s pills or something.

When seeing the human equivalent of a Pit Bull Terrier headed your way angrily, the natural reaction is to lock the doors and wait for Taz the Tasmanian Devil to cool off. But if he only does that after he’s taken down your window, then it’s go time. Click play below and see how the Toyota driver saw fit to retaliate.

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