Repeated UFO Sightings Signal Massive Intelligence Failure for the U.S.

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Next month, Congress will be briefed on various UFO sightings by U.S. Navy personnel, included in a recently declassified batch that the Pentagon is investigating. While the entire world is bracing, more or less, for the day when we get confirmation that the aliens have been visiting us, one person signals the security threat these sightings entail.
Throughout 2019, various U.S. Navy personnel saw, recorded, and reported UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) in military airspace. As the second video at the bottom of the page will show, these UAPs (or UFOs, as regular people call them) were strange objects that resembled no military or civilian aircraft, traveling at high speeds and, more than once, in ways that defied the laws of physics. They also had the ability to appear and disappear at whim.

The videos were made public when the files were declassified and will be included in the Congress debriefing of next month. They also made the subject of a 60 Minutes report, which included first-person accounts from some parties directly involved.

Christopher Mellon, who worked as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and Bush administrations, tells CNBC’s Shepard Smith (video below) that the very existence of these videos is proof of a massive intelligence failure on the part of the United States. The issue of whether these UAPs were alien or not aside, having them fly unperturbed and in military airspace, no less, is alarming.

“After spending hundreds of billions of dollars for so many years, and believing our airspace to be secure, in fact, we’ve had vehicles operating restricted military airspace with impunity on a recurring and sustained basis for many years,” Mellon says.

He concedes that some of these UAPs behaved in unnatural, unexplained ways but adds that some could have been aircraft deployed by other countries. It doesn’t even matter whether they came from space or China; they should not have been there.

Asked what the next step should be for the U.S., Mellon replied with “overcome our self-inflicted ignorance, and start collecting data.” And no, disclosing all data pertaining to these UAPs sightings to the public is not an alternative due to certain security risks.

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