Renowned U.S. Auto Mechanic Says You Shouldn't Buy These Six Cars, They're Not Good on Gas

Car Wizard Not Recommending the 1999-2012 Ford Ranger 6 photos
Photo: Car Wizard on Youtube
National Average Price for Gas TodayCar Wizard's List of Gas Guzzlers that Pretend to be EconomicCar Wizard's List of Gas Guzzlers that Pretend to be EconomicCar Wizard's List of Gas Guzzlers that Pretend to be EconomicCar Wizard's List of Gas Guzzlers that Pretend to be Economic
Gas is currently sitting at a national average of almost $4.9 a gallon and is not looking like things are going to get better in the short term. But this doesn’t mean you must give up on owning a car or driving. If you want a vehicle, be it new or used, then there are many options you can safely consider. However, here’s what you should avoid. It’s a mechanic’s advice!
Car Wizard is well-known for his repairing skills. The man has become quite famous after working with Hoovies Garage on his fleet of “hoopties.” He started publishing his own videos on YouTube and many Americans are now trusting him to fix their vehicles. That’s happening because he’s constantly trying to charge as little as possible and doesn’t add unnecessary costs to the final bill. He’s a fair business owner according to multiple reports made by some of the mechanic’s customers.

Last year, Car Wizard started an interesting series. Based on his experience as an auto mechanic, the man is telling his followers what cars to buy and what should be avoided. He named it “BTNT.” It stands for “Buy This, Not That.” In the latest episode, he’s looking at cars that are marketed or perceived as being economical, but they’re gas guzzlers in reality.

For starters, the mechanic-turned-YouTuber says you shouldn’t buy a 2004-2012 Mazda RX-8. The man is not happy with the 1.3-liter engine in this vehicle because it achieves 16 mpg (14.7 l/100 km) in the city and 23 mpg (10.2 l/100 km) on the highway.

The 2004-2005 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor is also on the no-buy list. This car’s supercharged 1.8-liter engine is not known for its ability to not empty the gas tank after a short, spirited drive. It’ll average around 15 mpg (15.7 l/100 km). Moreover, Car Wizard says the interior is cheap-looking and undeserving of the German brand’s badge.

The mechanic also thought about people that need to haul things around. He says the 1999-2012 Ford Ranger with the 2.3-liter engine must be avoided because it averages around 21 mpg (11.2 l/100 km) – about the same as the 5.3-liter V8 found in the full-size Chevrolet Silverado from the same era.

The last three vehicles not recommended by the mechanic are the 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler with the 3.8-liter engine, the 1998-2011 Volkswagen New Beetle with any of the gas engines, and the 2008-2013 Chevrolet Tahoe that comes with the hybrid 6-liter V8.

These cars and trucks are real gas guzzlers! Now you know what to avoid!

Car Wizard also shared a list of six cars and trucks that you can buy to save on gas. You can see them in the video down below.

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