Fuel Station Drops the Price of Premium Gas to 69 Cents a Gallon, Drivers Rush To Fill Up

A fuel station from a small city near Sacramento, California, managed to make a lot of drivers incredibly happy for a couple of hours. A gallon of gas was priced at 69 cents! The word got out, and many people rushed to top off their tanks.
Shell Selling Premium Gas for $0.69 6 photos
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Drivers that went on with their day in Rancho Cordova and were ready to pay almost $7 for a gallon of gas were pleasantly surprised when they saw a Shell station offering an incredibly generous discount. The price for premium gas (91 octanes) was set at just $0.69!

People started calling their friends and family immediately. Thanks to the location being mostly a suburban type of place, there weren’t huge queues forming fast. That may be why employees didn’t figure out immediately that an error had been made.

Eventually, more and more people started turning up, and that made those working there check out what was going on. They discovered what was off – a decimal point!

Lucky drivers took advantage of this pricing mistake for about three hours, according to ABC7. The employees eventually figured out what was going on and raised the price tenfold to $6.99. This was supposed to be the original value that customers of premium fuel should have paid.

If you’re wondering what is going to happen now to those that took advantage of the situation, the answer is – nothing. Customers paid a little over $10 for filling up their tanks to the brim, and they got away with it because this mishap wasn’t their fault.

Now owners of the Shell gas station will have to cover the losses from their own pockets.

This should teach many of us about the importance of a decimal. It can change a lot!

Gas continues to remain expensive in the U.S. and across the world. The only exceptions are some small nations that have a favorable agreement in place and are not impacted by global trade. There are some solutions to lower the fuel price, but we'll have to wait for the right decisions.


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